Pioneer Develops 400GB Optical Disc

PC World writes: "Pioneer has developed an optical disc that can hold up to 400G bytes of data easily surpassing previously announced prototypes.

The new disc manages to pack 16 layers, each with a 25G-byte capacity, into a conventional 12-centimeter diameter optical disc. The new discs are similar to Blu-ray Disc technology and slight changes to the hardware on a Blu-ray drive would allow the new Pioneer discs to be used on one."

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Alexander Roy3664d ago

The thing is, I fear we have come to a time where development of things like storage media are faster than the adaption rate.
10 years ago, DVD with 4,7GB were a novelty. Now we have 50GB Bluray available. Just look at flash memory. I remember buying a 2GB - the biggest at the time - MemoryStick Pro Duo for my PSP for 180 Euros, now we have what? 16GB for 200 bucks?
Take a look at Wikipedia, look for holographic media. TBs worth of data on a single disc.
I am all for improvements, but when we buy a Bluray today, we know that in ten years, we will have to buy the exact same movie again in another format, just so we have the film in UltraHD or whatever we call it then.

killax35633664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

2 words: Backwards compatible.

Just because a 16gb ms duo came out doesn't mean your 2gb ms won't work anymore. its smaller but it still works.

same thing with this 400gb blu-ray disc. if they come out with drives that can read these 400gb discs, the blu-ray movies you buy at the store will still work on those drives (holographic discs are a different story).

TheXgamerLive3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

It say's they could make it compatible, but I'm guessing it won't be BR tech that's used, however we'll see. As of now it's more DVD technology as explained by the author.

Next gen. platforms that come out ala 2012 or whenever will need both a disc type technology and DD (digital distrobution).

Finding a style of technology that is more DVD like seems wise that this new tech be ported to use the HD-DVD platform, so who knows maybe we'll see a reguvination of HD-DVD.
BR doesn't seem viable as it's not really supported by anyone other than ps3 owners and that's not a worlds majority and as HD-DVD was seen as like DVD, I feel that may cause it to be re-introduced.

But hey, who know's what's going to be "the thing" in another 4 years. Pioneer may introduce there own platform or maybe just call it A-DVD (advanced DVD):))
Whatever format wins and is utilized by nations in the future needs to be able to play standard DVD's as well as it's newer technology, I believe that's the only way people will be more willing to accept it, otherwise DVD is still king for a great majority of the world.

Cryos3663d ago

if you'd actually read the article he says the tech is similar to Blu-ray, using TECHNIQUES learned from DVD. He never said it was dvd based. And where in the world did you bring HD-DVD from? sounds like you're upset you chose the wrong format.

Here's the actual quote, because you're to lazy to read the article.

"The new discs are similar to Blu-ray Disc technology" and "Pioneer says it has managed to solve this problem by employing technology it developed for DVDs"

SpecialSauce3663d ago

that the disks could run on blu ray drives with a small tweak to the drives. more HD gaming for my PS3 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa

Lyan3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


dodgecity3663d ago

How can you possibly view this new development as a bad thing? You're being really trivial.

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tweaker3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

1 layer = 25gb? You could pretty much call this Bluray.

Harry1903664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Blu-ray technology.

To back my is the link with further information:
Pioneer Takes Blu-ray Discs to 400GB

TheXgamerLive3663d ago

Pioneer is associated w/BR but it is NOT br technology that was used, however they "think'but aren't sure or proven yet that it could be used by BR, but it could probably be used by another other DVD tech as well. calm down wittle ps3 boy, BR isn't the accepted format and I think it never will be.

Cryos3663d ago

if you can't make intelligent, informed decisions you belong in the open zone

SpecialSauce3663d ago

even if this isn't fully BR (which it appears that it is) the world doesn't need that much memory in a disk so for this period in time BR will still rule.

DevonTheDude5353663d ago

Well pioneer and sony collaborated on the laser disc and blu-ray so this makes sense

The Lazy One3663d ago

his posts are intelligent. You're just upset with the fact that his opinion differs from yours.

We're in a period where physical storage is exploding in size. Blu-Ray is a small advancement compared to the potential of some things coming. Personally, I'd love to see a non-static format like flash used.

Gives anyone all the space they need, and the only thing that needs to stay constant is the software format and the way it's read. It can expand as the market needs it to expand, and would be easily backwards compatible.

Shadow Flare3663d ago

Xgamer, you bought a hd-dvd player for your 360 didn't you? This disc uses bluray technology but would require small tweeks to existing bluray player hardware to use these discs. Which makes me think if these engineers put more time and research into the disc, who knows, it may be possible to create a disc this size playable on existing bluray players. Which would mean ps3 would no possible size restrictions even in like 10-15 years time. And considering the cell chip's architecture is unlike other processors, it has ALOT of potential to it. PS3's gonna be around for a long time and will still seem fresh all that time. DVD seems so ancient with all this new technology

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jay23664d ago

It basicly is, Blu-ray players needing slight changes is quite cool news, mabe the BR camp will use this so that no changes to hardware is/I dont no are? needed.

deno3664d ago

400gb blu-ray disc, man am I gonna have a good time with my ps3

chewy3173664d ago

will be very happy lol...

kazuma3664d ago

the article says that u need to do changes at hardware level

RocketRaiders3663d ago

The HW change is just firmwire related

It is a Blu Ray disc

The Lazy One3663d ago

a firmware change isn't a hardware change. It's a software change.

kazuma3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

yes i do know that a firmware change isn't a hardware change still i didn't understand that from the article, in one it said that u would need to do hardware changes, then the other article says that it's currently unknown if you will be able to use it with current i guess it's still not 100% sure how it's gonna be

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admeister3664d ago

That's pretty cool, imagine what you could with that much space! Next year's news: MGS5 fills entire disc, haha.

sak5003663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

You wish. Even with all this data space available Ps3 still is very much limited to 256+256MB ram and HK said he was not happy with the final result of MGS4 due to hardware limitations.

And to believe it will take one year to release MGS5 on 400GB disc, what r u smoking man.

Shadow Flare3663d ago

Hideo Kojima is never ever happy with his games. He gave MGS4 a 1/10 from what he initially intended with the game. He was the same with the other Metal Gears. He clarified that it wasn't a problem with the ps3, it was simply when he heard about the ps3 specs, his ambitions for MGS4 were huge. Too huge. And when he got round to developing with the ps3 he realised his ambitions were too high. It wasn't a knock to the ps3 sak. God only knows how he'd feel about creating mgs4 for 360 with its ancient dvd's