Betting on Cyber Futures: Where Rocksteady Should Go Next

Gizorama: With the excellent Arkham series set to wrap-up in June with Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight, fans of the series and comic book-licensed games have been wondering what’s next. With no announcement as to where the developer will be heading, fans are left to speculate as to whether they will adapt their highly-successful Arkham model to another DC property, or move on to something totally new. Personally, as a DC fan and a fan of these games, I am hoping they will continue their work on the DCU, but the question in my mind and no doubt in theirs, is how to take this system that has seemed to fit so perfectly into the Batman world and adapt it to a new character.

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crazychris41241338d ago

Superman game would be cool or an open world supervillian game with top notch destruction