CNN Calls Games Hazardous – Thoughts on Mental Illness

Internet gaming addiction is being put in the spotlight due to recent events concerning gamers who've died while gaming excessively.

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JohnathanACE1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

It really doesn't matter what CNN says, they're ratings are as low as dirt and they will disappear when they run out of money.

LightDiego1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

CNN and MSNBC, both are just liberal propaganda.

paleselan11149d ago

What does liberal ideology have to do with anything? Fox is conservative and says the same thing. In fact, liberals have been standing up for video games, just look at some recent comments from high-ranking democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and VP Joe Biden.

JasonKCK1149d ago

paleselan1 is right, conservative media does the exact same thing and FOX is the king of evil BS and lies.

360ICE1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

How on God's green earth is CNN liberal propaganda? How are they even liberal?

I'd consider myself both a liberal and an occasional CNN viewer, and I have not once done anything but shake my head watching that channel. Are they relentlessly corporate? Sure. Is their target audience the richest 0.1%? You know it. Are they, however, liberal? I would not know how that would be even possible.

I mean, 80% of their programming isn't even opinionated. It's just reporting, usually on missing planes.

And when it comes to the pundit-part of the network, CNN employs Newt "I'm that massively hypocritical Republican from the 90's"-Gingrich, and has him comment on pretty much everything the President says.

They even have a show called Crossfire, where they go out of their way to get complete loons from the right just so they can be represented.

MSNBC I can understand, but even they have shows like Morning Joe.

Loktai1149d ago

The media was saying the same about television and have been going after every new kind of entertainment since forever. Dad thing is they use the same argument every time.

Anon19741148d ago

Ok, I've got to say this article is way off base. Did anyone read the CNN piece? It talks about games having benificial impacts on gamers, it argues that games shouldn't be demonized and it correctly points out that only a small minority has issues and that same minority could probably get hooked on anything.

The article is one if the most pro game pieces I've seen in awhile. What article did this guy read? Talk about click bait.

Snookies121149d ago

You know what's hazardous? CNN. *walks out*

ShaunCameron1149d ago

CNN was founded by a Commie sympathizer. So yeah!

snookiegamer1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )


This is why I reject Mainstream News Media, just a bunch of agenda led Morons!

They're not even reporting the News any more! They basically get told what to write/broadcast... just a bunch of gormless repeaters spreading propoganda in an attempt to shape public opinion. It's deliberate 'Social Engineering'.

CNN & FOX eg. personify everything that's bad about the Mainstream News ;/

Blank1149d ago

Wow so now they are shooting random darts on the board to see what sticks? As for the gamers that game nonstop until they die have mental or social issues for not maintining and neglecting their bodies like that. I would love for CNN to interview a fit gamer or even a normal joe with a job about their gaming habits, but then they cant sensationalize that to heavens.

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The story is too old to be commented.