Which Resident Evil Games Should a Newcomer Play?

The Geekiary: "The Resident Evil or Biohazard game series have six numbered installments and a lot of spin-offs. It can be tough to filter out which ones actually add to the canon and which are even worth playing."

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Hoffmann1423d ago

Part 1 on the Playstation of course.

NukaCola1423d ago

I agree. I do think the original game controls are little archaic nowadays, so players will have to be able to adapt to those classic styles, but definitely worth experiencing the game. I also think if you can get a hold of a Gamecube, to play RE0 which is one of my favorites.

Reibooi1423d ago

I loved RE0! It would be awesome if Capcom did what they did for the REmake for RE0. The game is equally if not more beautiful as the remake and giving it the same treatment would allow a ton of people to play this overlooked gem.

Capcom make it happen.

higgins781423d ago

Resi 4 is the best and most accessible - in my opinion. Not just the best Resi but arguably one of the best games of all time...a stone cold classic. Best 'traditional' Resi - not to upset the self-proclaimed 'hardcore', probably Code Veronica - again, in my opinion...I've not played EVERY Resi Evil. So, to recap, played today, Resi 4, Gamecube version if possible, Code Veronica, Dreamcast version, or Resi Remaster HD, PC version.

Mechanism1423d ago

If you haven't played every Resident Evil, then I don't think you are one to be giving newcomers advice..

Anyhow, if someone is interested, and is looking to start a franchise, I would say to start from the beginning.. I wouldn't tell someone who is about to start a trilogy of films to start from the end..

Pretty straight forward to me..

PoSTedUP1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

id say RE2 considering it is a good intro to the franchise for not being the first one, and it's open to the streets and different areas. its has the least back tracking from what i remember. its not too tedious, not as much as 1&3 imo. and just has the coolest areas overall in any RE game, imo.

@higgins- you got disagrees because many ppl including fans understand that RE4 is where RE took a step away from RE. it was an Amazing "game", but not so much a true RE. it would be a horrible place to start, and would probably cultivate gamers into fans of RE5 &6 thinking they are playing a resident evil game...

jambola1423d ago

why 4 on the gamecube?
didn't the wii/ps2 version have more?
and a remaster on the ps3/xbox 360?

higgins781423d ago

Resi 4 on the Gamecube because that is how it was designed/intended. Still (for me) looks the best - or at least as good as the Wii version - but particularly playing it on a Gamecube controller just feels right for it, rather unsurprisingly. The Wii version is probably the best overall package and the control scheme brilliant and tight but (perhaps) making the game a little less tense.

GokuSolosAll1423d ago

Resident Evil 1, 0, 2, 3, Code Veronica in that order, then if you're forgiving, 4, Revelations, Outbreak. 5 & 6 if you're emotionally detatched from the series and can enjoy them for what they are (which isn't Resident Evil). Stay away from most others unless you're a RE junkie or something.

RE7 needs to return to its roots. Tank controls, jump scares, puzzles.

Genova841423d ago

Although RE4 was a break from tradition, it was still a good game that merits a play through. Outbreak, 5, 6 and all the peripheral ones, dead aim, revelations, etc. I agree should be avoided.

I don't recall loving 0 and RE 2 was/is my favorite so I think we're generally on the same page.

higgins781423d ago

Some people truly forget the cons of past games, even 'classics' such as Resident Evil. Tank controls were not as intentional as you pretend, jump scares few and far between - Resi 4 had "jump scares", and 'puzzles' which were usually poorly designed ways to pad things out.

CorndogBurglar1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Who cares about "jump scares"? Sure they are fun here and there, but the older RE games were scary the whole time. Just the atmosphere alone made the entirety of the games scary.

And what exactly do you mean the tank controls "weren't as intentional as we pretend"? What do you mean they weren't intentional? The devs made the controls like that on accident? lol

The fact that you had limited abilities at your disposal made the game that much more creepy because there was only so much you could do if you came across an enemy. Sure, i realize that tactical police should be able to combat roll and all that, but from a gameplay/game design perspective, it was brilliant and actually ADDED to the game to limit what the player could do, rather than hindered it.

Even though you clearly consider RE4 and beyond to be the better games (and thats fine, its your opinion), it still boggles my mind why you would recommend a newcomer to start playing a franchise on the 6th main game to be released, lol.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED RE4, but it wasn't a good representation of the greatness of the RE franchise.

Gears_President1423d ago

I started with two, but since you can play 1 in all its glory why not start there?

1423d ago
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