All Video Game Deals: Great Preorder Deals, Xbox Live 12Month Card $33, ZombiU $10 and much more

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Tom871092d ago

Should I buy Xbox One or PS4?

Rimeskeem1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Are you sure you wanna ask this question?

I would tell you to search up things about each and base your purchase off that instead of biased people like us.

I personally went for the PS4 because of the history I have with playstation. Getting an Xbox One soon though.

miayou1092d ago

Each console has its own exclusive games, as for me I would go with PS4.

Apollo11092d ago

Honestly both consoles are great and doing fine.

Xavior_Reigns1092d ago

Its up to you, do your own research and decide. Asking that here is unwise, most responses will come from trolls on either side.

My response is get both or all three, they will all have worthwhile games. If you can get more than one, space them out and remember more price drops are coming. PS4 may soon be $350 and XBO may fall into the $250 range towards Christmas.

brotherlymoses1092d ago

Depends, what system are your friends on? What exclusives do you want? Both will do well in the long run. For me I went with Xbox one first, but will be picking up a ps4 in a couple years or so for some exclusives.

TheOnlyMastrx1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Save money and buy both (: then you can get exclusive games for both consoles and pick which console you would prefer to play cross platform games on, or buy the cross platform games on both if you are like me. I only currently have Xbox One, but can't wait until I get a PS4 as well.

Old_Prodigy1091d ago

Get an Ouya, best console out there...

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timothyckeegan1092d ago

Wow Kingdom Hearts 3 for $40.99 !!

jacobvogel1092d ago

Super list, thanks for sharing.

lebr0n1092d ago

And I am still waiting for Amazon to add the New 3DS XL :(

geoatl1092d ago

Then you won't get it.

LAWSON721092d ago

Nintendo and Amazon don't like each other lol. It will not be on there to preorder.

thund3rguy1092d ago

When is 4 Games Pick 1 Over? I still see those deals on eBay

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