Final Fantasy XV on PS4 and Xbox One: Director Aiming for Simultaneous Worldwide Release

The release date of Final Fantasy XV is still a rather big question mark, but according to Game Director Hajime Tabata, it should happen everywhere at the same time.

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Relientk771033d ago

Well I would like to see that. Then we don't have to wait for the game while Japan is playing it for months before everyone else.

Abriael1033d ago

They're doing well with Final Fantasy XIV in that regard, so I'm sure they can pull it off.

NukaCola1033d ago

Really it's just English Translations, so since they seem to be on the ball with that, this game could very well be the holiday blockbuster we want...and the Final Fantasy we truly needed and deserve.

CaptainSellers1033d ago

That's good, it's 2015 time to put that old trend to bed.

C L O U D1033d ago

It's only right since the whole world has waited enough already

Eamon1033d ago

Tabata, along with Nomura, might be one of the last sensible people at S-E.

Elda1033d ago

Can't wait!...release soon!

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