Gearbox Wants To Start Working On The Next Borderlands Game, Not Yet Under Development

DSOGaming writes: "During these past few days, there have been various reports surrounding the third part of Borderlands. On Saturday, Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford claimed that the company would have a surprise during its Sunday panel. Right now, the panel is under way and according to reports, the third part of Borderlands is not currently under development."

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Beetey1181d ago

Disappointing. I was guessing it had already been in development for a while.

Abash1181d ago

Im not surprised, they announced Battleborn not to long ago and I was guessing they'd be committed to releasing that before they announced Borderlands 3

Beetey1181d ago

Good point, I had totally forgotten about Battleborn.

Femto1181d ago

battleborn is in development, and it looks great, im glad they're not working on 2 games at the same time

KnightRobby1181d ago

I was very disappointed with the lack of coop story in Destiny, so I think Borderlands 3 would be great right now.

And Femto, that's true though. I'd much rather them work on one game at a time. As long as it turns out great. Still curious about Battleborn for sure.

Femto1181d ago

yeah i would prefer it if they take their time and put out some quality games instead of half ass them, also look up the gameplay for battleborn if you haven't already, it looks very similar to borderlands

OmegaShen1181d ago

Lack of coop story in Destiny? How so? You can have two friends join you or do it solo. Pretty much like Borderlands but one less player.

CyrusLemont1181d ago

Looks like it'll be seeing a November 2017 release at the earliest. Silver lining, we'll be well into the PS4/Xbox One cycle and should expect it to be a current gen only game. Hopefully this means more sophisticated underlying gameplay mechanics and dynamic worlds and events. I really hope they have a spaceship component to the game like Star Citizen.

Blank1181d ago

As disheartened as I was about the Borderlands 3 I lift my head up and see that this next Borderlands game is going epic. I mean he is hiring for this game and did it to the scale of announcing job offers at a panel for the game. So for my mental health im going to keep Borderlands 3 in the waaaay back of my mind until the official reveal. As a consolation we do have the Handsome collection coming up.

Iamnemesis48801181d ago

And they will make it a total waste like the pre sequel no re spawnable bosses no way will it be worth it gearbox is screwing this game up completely.

TheOnlyMastrx1181d ago

I figured it wasn't under development yet, they need time to come up with an amazing story as good or better than Borderlands 2. I can wait, haven't even picked up Pre-Sequel yet, so hopefully when I do and get through it a few dozen times they will at least be starting Borderlands 3.

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