Firmware 2.41 by Wednesday?

There are reports that PS3 Firmware 2.41 will arrive before Wednesday.



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Jon86023732d ago

2.41...not bad at all that its coming so soon. They should of got it in there first shot but this is really good that they came up with this update quickly. my sis still hasnt had hers updated and so hasnt my brother...i was the only one rubbing it in there faces that I had the update(they are always nasty to me, why cant I be nasty to them) but now i can tell them it will be out this week :)

kingOVsticks3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

i haven't personally have any problems or know anyone who has but for the people who haven't updated or having problems this is a good thing.Its pretty cool on sony part to react so fast and you never know we maybe seeing something else new in the update dare I say flash 9 upgrade for the browser:)

Lifendz3732d ago

Hopefully all of you will be able to get it with no problem.

BTW, I didn't pick up StarDust but I have been messaging my friends like crazy. And added someone right there on the spot last night from COD4. Loving 2.40 so far. Can't wait for custom soundtracks and Trophies in more games from this point on.

BLuKhaos3732d ago

I love in game messaging,now I can spam those annoying team killers with abusive messages with out having to leave the game.

KLEPTOMANIAC3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

my mate got his 2.4 early and was bragging about how god it was, when i said i couldnt download it as it was taken down. But turns out, he is the only ps3 user i know that has massive lag with his online and his headset doesnt work because of it lol. release 2.41 quickly :D

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Fishy Fingers3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Good news for those who have been sat twiddling their thumbs in anticipation. Nearly there guys :)

~side note~ In future whats the chance of using the source so I dont have to jump through websites ( http://www.computerandvideo...

Markh20013732d ago

omg 2.41 i had suspicions that they may have changed it from 2.40 to 2.41 so maybe that any1 who had 2.40 it wud maybe fix or make thier systems run smoother i hope that they may have added maybe a few small things in the update coming soon but i highlt doubt it.

dabizo3732d ago

Doubt that very much.. this 2.41 release is for the unfortunate few who have 2.4 installed and screwed their system - I suspect they will be more than happy to have this released so quickly :)

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

I imagine everyone (even those with 2.4) will be prompted to upgrade to 2.41, it makes more sense to have everyone on the same build and there will probably be a few stability fixes and what not also in 2.41 that weren't in 2.4.

badz1493732d ago

every time there's an update available, you're kinda being force to update your PS3 to the latest version in order to go online! so, 2.41 is not exactly only for whom had screwed up at 2.40 but it's for everybody!

actually this is just like what I've expected since they pulled the 2.40! I actually have no problem with it offline but I'm having a slight lag during online match in FIFA08 and COD4 after I updated! theyu're playable but still anoyying especially in FIFA!! did anybody else having this problem? I think I read somewhere in N4G that someone also lagging in CoD4 after 2.40.

I hope 2.41 can come very soon and all these problem will be solved!

shelbygt333732d ago

Unfortunately those of us affected by the 2.40 mishap won't be able to download and install 2.41 until our PS3's are fixed. My unit is on it's way to the local service center for a nice couple week holiday :(

jif863732d ago

zero problems with 2.40, but hopefully the very very small minority that have, will be fixed with this update.

I wonder how the XBOTS will spin this one. Either way, 2.40 > LIVE.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Me to, no problems at all. Never have had with a update.

The xBots can say what they like...Just tell them to go and look at the front page of this site!!! ;-D
i.e '$990m Bill for Xbox Red Ring of Death' ;-D Oh dear!!!;o)

Omega43732d ago

Why dont Sony fix what they broke first which is 2.40 before coming out with something else, 2.41 will just brick the remaining PS3s.

@ Ken why dont you have a look at this:

butterfinger3732d ago

Anyone should be smart enough to know that 2.41 IS the fix for 2.4, and you would have to be retarded to think that 2.4 bricked any PS3's. Bricked is what happens when your XBOX gets that shiny red ring, freezing is what happened with 2.4, and even that is inconclusive. You fail, tremendously.

MaximusPrime3732d ago

i have no problem with 2.40. i love it!

Sorry to hear that minority of people experience that problem. Hear that? MINORITY NOT MAJORITY

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3732d ago

I can only see PS3 fans comments!!! ;-D
'48' ignores!!! On my 'Sir Ken Kutaragi PS3 Trophy Awards' ;)
God i was busy yesterday!;)

@MaximusPrime ;) Yeah your right it was a 'MINORITY' I don't know any PS3 owners that i know that have had a problem with it???
This sounds worse...'$990m Bill for Xbox Red Ring of Death' ;-D

jif863732d ago

I LOVE the pun! - the BILL! Haha!

Bill's Bill for his Rancid Ringpiece of Dire-consoles.

juuken3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I'm all good too. I like that clock addon. VERRRRY handy, because I remember those nights where I would forget what time it was. xP

And Omega, 2.4 ONLY affected a few people. Stop spreading your ridiculous lies and continue sucking MS's c*ck.


Pain3732d ago

k i wont be asleep or outside.

ravinshield3732d ago

I told you girls that FONY would realease a new update to fix the garbage they took out last week just like they do for every update.FONY are great with their software.hahahahaha

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