Microsoft secretly launches DX12 on windows – Xbox One could follow soon

It looks like Microsoft has finally soft launched their highly anticipated DirectX 12 API. The API is already present on the Windows 10 platform (PC Gamers rejoice) and Xbox One could be getting an update shortly.

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From the this news piece.
Lets talk a bit about Xbox One now. Phil Spencer has made it clear in his tweets that Xbox One will be getting DX12, infact he claims that it will be getting not only DX12 but Feature Level 12_0 as well, something I find hard to believe since the feature level has yet to be finalized.

Lot of odd stuff coming out lately Playstation fans will try to dismiss it but its been said by Microsoft x box 1 is getting full directx12. Misterx isn't Microsoft get real my Playstation friends.

Redtechgaming found something interesting in the recent SDK LEAK the x box 1 GPU has 2 GCP's (graphic command processors) 1 is normal not 2 i can't honestly say what that means but something has been found i trust the source its not a misterx type of guy who spews lot of crap. Anyway it could end up being nothing but its interesting find by him.

We probably see a beta test in 2015 for directx12 people are already using the new windows 10 features . Anyone can use it now but you do it at your risk.

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You're god damn boring, man! You're much worse than MrX, repeating shit over and over again.

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I'll take you seriously if you can actually explain to us what level 12_0 is. Since you're out of bubbles you can PM me and I'll post it on your behalf in it's entirety.

Keep in mind that I actually do know what Level 12_0 is, and why Xbox won't be seeing the full level 12_0.

Tomorrow, if I don't hear from you, I'll post the reason why Xbox won't see the full level 12_0. :)

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He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. If he does, then he knows he's spreading bullsh*t. DirectX is an application interface. It works with APPLICATIONS/SOFTWARE, not hardware.

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