‘Destiny': Crux Of Crota Finally Drops, Necrochasm Will Require Multiple Crota’s End Completions

INQ: One of the reasons that Destiny players were anticipating the release of Crota’s End Hard Mode was so that they could obtain the Crux of Crota that upgrades the Eidolon Ally to the Necrochasm. That’s proven to be exceedingly difficult for PlayStation and Xbox owners. However, one German player got the item to drop Sunday, giving hope to everyone else.

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bananaboats1394d ago

I hope 339 isnt the max damage for that rifle. Im no fan of auto rifles what so ever, especially ones that shoot that fast but honestly Bungie, if you're going to make a primary exotic than make it so that it's worth taking up that slot. Ghallerhorn is what every exotic should be like. Icebreaker, Vex Mythoclast, and Thorn as well. Besides those 4 every other exotic in the game is just good for exotic shards

OUROSMAG1394d ago

Suros makes vex look like a bitch in Hardmode crota.

bananaboats1394d ago

uhhhh no it doesn't. Vex is by far the BEST exotic primary you can equip, even in hard mode

n4rc1394d ago

For about 5 minutes until you run out of ammo for it lol..

Sorry.. Couldn't help myself lol..

Neonridr1394d ago

@bananaboats - yes but when Suros gives you a chance to regen health when killing enemies, it becomes extremely important, especially in hard mode.

Avernus1394d ago

What a terrible drop rate lol. Betting they'll release a small patch to fix the drop rate because the number of people to have this is ridiculously low.

I haven't even got the Husk of the Pit yet, and I've killed literally over 100 swords of crota.

Not really interested in the the Necro, the full RoF guns are a waste of time for me since I mainly PvP, plus the scope on it is terrible.

Hoping for the handcannon to drop. I'll be happy with that.

GameSpawn1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I got two without trying. One was from one of the expansion's story missions, the other was just from patrolling Earth.

The best place to farm the sword wielders is on Earth in the first area near the three level 18 Hive underground. A sword wielder spawns here probably every 45 minutes or so (not exact, but often enough). This is where I go to complete any bounty related to killing Hive Majors/Ultras/Enemies and kills using the sword. If you are doing the bounty that involves kills using the sowrd, ignore all the enemies and concentrate on the sword wielder once he spawns, take his sword, kill the 3 summoners, kill the 3 level 18 in the next room, kill the 6 or so enemies that rush in, run close to either staircase up (this is to respawn the Majors), and head back to the Major's room and kill the 3 Majors again before your sword time runs out. That's around 15 hive sword kills if you can catch the respawn (10-12 if you can't or accidentally kill some enemies before getting the sword).

I like the sword wielding every now and then because it is the one time you are able to play third person. I find it to be a refreshing change after hours of gameplay.

Neonridr1394d ago

you could always just do the Fist of Crota mission and kill the blade that is just inside the first building. Don't get it? Restart the mission. I did it like 8-10 times once and got it to drop..

kayoss1394d ago

Im a noob at this game. I got to level 20 for the longest time and wonder why i havent yet leveled up any further. Did some reading and I pretty much wasted so much time trying to level instead of equiping armor with light. I was able to get two husk of the pit, but they were crappy so i dismantled them both.

GameSpawn1394d ago

Husk of the Pit is meant to look nondescript so people pass it up without realizing what it can become. It starts out really crappy, becomes a decent Legendary with the first upgrade, and a nice Exotic with the final step.

At the very least it is a cheap and easy Legendary to get. Exotic requires Crota Hard and by the article above, a lot of Crota Hard if the RNG bites you.

leemo191394d ago

Word of Crota isn't that good. The phantom gift perk is broken, it has less impact than fatebringer, the explosive shots really aren't effective at all. If phantom gift was taken out and replaced with firefly than maybe it be worth using.

CorndogBurglar1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Honestly, it should have a very rare drop rate. This gun is seriously OP. The abilities are insane.

Of course i've never used it, but it looks like it would make all PvE easy mode.

Spurg1394d ago

Stability looks bad....honestly this weapon doesn't not come close to the Vex...

CorndogBurglar1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Depends what your using it for. Being able to make enemies explode with critical kills like a cursed thrall is pretty amazing for an auto rifle to have. It would be great for PvE. Not sure how useful for PvP though.

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