Battlefield: Bad Company stats mysteriously deleted

Several people are complaining on EA's Battlefield: Bad Company forums that all their stats and weapon unlocks have been deleted.

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sak5003732d ago

Earlier Grid and now BF.. Whats going on?

piekat3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I've noticed my PSN ID is no more linked to stats on BF:BC website, so it may be true. If it is, I know what to trade in when I'll buy a new game...
No way I'm going to restart from 0

Kirstenlottesovs3732d ago

I had the same problem last night! All my awards and dogtags were still there, and in the menu i could see my weapon unlocks.. But i couldnt use them in-game

Disco_Stink3732d ago

It started off on Saturday when the unlocks and awards vanished only to reappear a bit later.

I've tried today and all my stats and unlocks have been reset and looking around on the offical site and other gaming sites, it seems that a hell of a lot of people are having problems.

media733732d ago

yes reset due to stat padding and vehicle padding abuse. Enjoy it you cheaters, everyone else is fine.

Kirstenlottesovs3732d ago

I disagreed with you.. I have never cheated/exploited in BF:BC, but its still happened to me

alakazzam3732d ago

No media73 your wrong Ive never cheated and all mine are gone. If they have reset it cause of exploit cheaters like on grid then I'm gonna be so pissed, all cause some stupid little geeks want to be at the top.

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The story is too old to be commented.