Xbox Sick Note

At times marketing produces very weird results, and that’s probably the case of the latest marketing campaign launched by Microsoft, named Xbox Sick Note.

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trywizardo1002d ago

you mean awesome note !!
this need to be on facebook cover :D

WeAreLegion1002d ago

I love weird marketing things. The PS3 Fireman ad was awesome.

joab7771002d ago

I hope it's like 300 MS employees that take tomorrow off to play games.

Tctczach1002d ago

This had been been around for a while..

Kribwalker1002d ago

Some people are being idiots on the Twitter page saying that the sick days are wrong and costing tax dollars money....idiots, it's a marketing campaign

Just a troll lol

YodaCracker1002d ago

He considers the ad campaign to be "absolutely disgusting". -_-