Japanese Toy Cures Cancer, Saves Marriages

Coming this July… A toy like no other toy in the history of forever… A plastic stopwatch the likes of which is barely even fathomable… Nothing can prepare you for the experience you receive in just five seconds with this thing. Nothing, except perhaps the commercial.

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Twizlex3487d ago

How do you make a toy out of a stopwatch? Why would you need a separate stopwatch toy and not just buy a regular stopwatch? Funny thing is, millions of people will probably buy this. Commercial was awesome though.

sak5003487d ago

Youtube video is not working what was it about.

Twizlex3487d ago

YouTube video works for me. There just isn't a preview image for the video because it just went up. The commercial is about a crazy Japanese stopwatch toy.

Nostradavis3487d ago

I wonder what types of mystical powers a 10 second version would hold?

sak5003487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I'll approve if it makes any sense to anyone but to me its gibberish. Seems like a drop out product from American Inventor.

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PoSTedUP3486d ago

it might have something to do with how your brain thinks, idk its pretty cool though, we'll hear more on what it does and if it really works.

Dir_en_grey3486d ago

It's hard to count the timing from 0 to 1...