EDGE: Alone In The Dark Review

Alone In The Dark retains compulsive coherence despite all its missteps and contradictions. The breadth of Eden's ambitions may have meant that there's barely a feature that's implemented more than satisfactorily, but there's a generosity of vision here that few games can boast. In an ideal world, perhaps its sturdy core of pacing, puzzles and spectacle could have experienced another year of polishing.

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bandoors3605d ago

haha is a joke thy rated MGS4 8/10 and Alone In The Dark 7/10 !!!!

Truplaya3605d ago

obviously they have to agree with you, they're not allowed their own opinion.
If you dont agree with the scores write your own reviews.

Yes, MGS4 is miles better than Alone in the Dark but i'm not gonna care if EDGE magazine dont think so

cotter3605d ago

Alone in the dark sucks