PlanetSide 2 on PS4: New 1080p Screenshots Show How the Former PC Exclusive MMOFPS Looks on Console

Here are several 1080p screenshots of the Planetside 2 beta on #PS4, showing how the formerly PC exclusive MMOFPS by Sony Online Entertainment looks on Sony's own console.

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no_more_heroes1269d ago

I do have an account on this game from when I tried (and failed catastrophically) to play this game almost two years ago now. If I download it, can I just use that profile on my PS4?

Spenok1269d ago

I know you can play cross server, so if that's the case I assume you will be able to use the same account. However I don't know for certain. I imagine they will, or already do, have a FAQ on their site with an answer to a question like this.

No_Limit1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Wasn't this game promised to rival hign end PC when running on PS4 and this:

"We're running right now [at] 1080p, peaking over 60 frames per second. We still have a lot of optimization to do.”

So why does the graphics look not so high end and what happened to the "peaking over 60fps" talk when it is only 30fps at the end?

More promises and more failed from Sony just like The PSN plus version of Driveclub and H1Z1 "you will never have to pay for weapons and ammo".

I love my PS4 but Sony tend to open their mouths too much with big promises that they can't keep time and time again. This is indefensible.

MysticStrummer1268d ago

"This is indefensible."

I guess you'd better get to work organizing a picket line. Good luck with that.

Bathyj1268d ago

Out of all the things you say that make me laugh, "I love my PS4" had to be the best.

You sure don't sound like you love it. I see you in PS4 threads all the time and it's always complaining, never praising.

JMyers1268d ago

Says the developer here.

Clown_Syndr0me1268d ago

@Bathyj Just because you love something doesn't mean you have like everything it does, you have a right to complain.
I love my girlfriend and daughter but damn I moan about them alot!

No_Limit1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

@Bathyj ,

"You sure don't sound like you love it. I see you in PS4 threads all the time and it's always complaining, never praising."

you are not looking hard enough. I never have issue with the PS4, as 1/2 of my game collection is on that system but I am simply making valid points of why Sony isn't keeping their words on a few titles that they promised or claim it will be something spectacular but ended up being the opposite. For Planetside 2, I was stroked when I heard this:
PS4 offers visuals 'that rival high end gaming PCs,' says PlanetSide 2 dev

if you check my history, I was excited by it last summer:
PlanetSide 2 PS4 Confirmed To Run At 1080p, Targeting 60fps, Won't Drop Below 30fps

No_Limit + 227d ago
"Nice!!...Have to try this one out myself."

and this just a few days ago:
No_Limit + 4d ago

"Actually my most wanted game for the first 1/2 of 2015 is MLB 15 the Show..the best Sports series EVAR! Only on PS4! If you want to play the only baseball game in town, you'll need a PS4. Like I always say, If you limit yourself to a single console, you're cheating yourself. Actually, the top 3 games on the first half of 2015 are all reserved for my PS4 as I also have the Witcher 3 and Bloodborne preorder on PS4 as well."

Happy now?

Barricade1268d ago

The only valid argument you have is the H1Z1 debacle, but Driveclub and Planetside 2 not so much.

There is a reason they said the game was running at 60fps, and that reason is that it actually was running at 1080p 60fps. So let's wait until the game releases and see if it runs at 60fps. And if it doesn't, I hope they give the reason why not, maybe I'll understand.

And as far as Driveclub goes, you know well enough the PlayStation Plus version is delayed for a good reason. Do you think they'd foreseen the network issues DC has been troubled with? It's only logical from a business standpoint to please the paying customer before giving it away for free you know (even if only partially). Just wait and you'll get the PS Plus version, but it's worth the buy if you ask me, especially for the price you can get it at right now.

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telekineticmantis1269d ago

There's no way it looks that good. Most of the PC footage doesn't even look that good.

MasterCornholio1269d ago

If your PC is good enough it can look better than the PS4 version.

I've seen direct screens of the PS4 and it really does look that way.

Pandamobile1269d ago

No that looks like PS4 gameplay.

Nykamari1269d ago

How is the game? I know you played it. Is going to play like MAG to a degree meaning teamwork and command

Pandamobile1269d ago

I never played much of MAG, but you'll need a good deal of non-verbal communication if you want to succeed in a game with the scale of PlanetSide 2.

nicksetzer11269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Definitely looks better on PC. That said, it is surely not that impressive looking regardless. Other than the some of the weapons, lighting and a few Character models the textures are pretty terrible, compared to other games so far this gen. Basically, graphics are hardly the reason to play this game, player counts are the main draw.

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MysticStrummer1269d ago

It does look that good. I'm jonesing for a damn beta code.

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Moldiver1269d ago

It actually dont look too bad! Deffo looks better on my PC, going by them pics ( I also get the benefit of 60FPS @1080P with most of my settings high). But If I dint own a custom rig, I could live with this version.

Have fun, fellas!

Stick891269d ago

One of the most level-headed responses I've seen.

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