Planetside 2 claims world record – Most players in a FPS

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "The Planetside 2 claims to have beaten the world record this weekend for most players participating in a FPS shooter at the same time. Here is what they achieved."

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Sillicur1149d ago

Wow thats some impressive numbers!

CptEccentric1149d ago

Yeh that is a ton of players! The lag must have been horrible though

XisThatKid1149d ago

little to no lag so far (assuming your serious and not trying to troll)
With 800 or so people on the server and massive battles it's been really fun these past couple of days. The glitches you expect in a BETA are present though.

3-4-51149d ago

Makes me want to go and play it on PC again.

* When I was really into this about a year ago, I was in a 30-40 minute battle over a small hill/valley/road that was about 500+ people.

It was the craziest battle I'd ever seen in a video game, and it was also one of the most enjoyable.

It went back and forth for a while until we eventually got some reinforcements from group and it helped push us forward.

* There is a ton about that game to love, I only wish there was something more to strive for or to work for except just territory.

Still an epic game though in some ways, and PS4 fans should definitely like this game.

I've only ever played as NC too. Haven't even tried the other factions yet.

I kind of don't want to as I feel loyal to them for some odd reason. This game has that effect.

shloobmm31149d ago

I was sad when they took out the physx effects. i know there were a lot of complaints but it always ran fantastic for me.

Moldiver1149d ago

Must have been an epic battle. I play this on my PC, and im a bit upset, that I wasnt invited! lol

CptEccentric1149d ago

Yeh that battle must have been something special to witness. My PC would have probably burnt out from all the intense action :)

Eonjay1149d ago

I'm thinking it was bullet hell.

CptEccentric1149d ago

Yeh dont think anyone would be able to stay alive for the whole match haha. Imagine all the fire around you

Moldiver1149d ago

I agree, the only way you could stay alive in a match like that is if you are watching from a distance. With a sniper. And you dont fire a single shot. But that would be boring. at some point you would run across the field to take part...only to be blown to bits by a magrider, or a reaver! lol

HammadTheBeast1149d ago

Tanks must've had a free day.

KingKelloggTheWH1149d ago

That is insanely impressive.

CptEccentric1149d ago

Indeed it is, I wonder how much more players they could potentially get in, set another record maybe

HammadTheBeast1149d ago

There's 2000 players max per game I think on the PC one, I don't think anyone's coordinated them all in one place ever though.

KingKelloggTheWH1149d ago

Its max is 2000. Can you imagine having that many people in one area?!

Xavior_Reigns1149d ago

Sounds like chaotic fun, hope PS4 owners do similar numbers. I would've already given the game a shot, but my laptop is absolute garbage from 2010 lol.

XisThatKid1149d ago

Same here. They say 800 so far this weekend and it def is great even just with this many players.

iNFAMOUZ11149d ago

it wont, not even close, the ps4 would crash

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The story is too old to be commented.