Will Oculus Rift Be 2015's Biggest Gaming Story?

"What sets the Oculus Rift apart from countless failed tech innovations we were promised would be the future?

Two billion dollars is a lot of money for a passion project. That’s the price that social giant Facebook paid for Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift headset. $2 billion to bring Palmer Luckey’s dream of consumer-level VR to commercial reality.

It’s not the world’s first attempt at virtual reality, but it is the one that seems the closest to achieving mass-market penetration. Vuzix launched the Forte VFX-1 back in 1994. Sony has had a few different head-mounted displays, including 1997’s Glasstron, 2011’s HMZ-T1, and the upcoming Project Morpheus for PlayStation 4. Nintendo even tried to fake it with the Virtual Boy. Each device has found a limited niche audience, not the massive backing behind the Oculus Rift. Why?"

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mochachino1300d ago

If they nail the controller, secure a few great exclusives and if it makes pre-existing games a better experience than a regular screen.

I could imaging a game like Far Cry 4 would be really cool on it, even if it just utilized the head tracking, 3D, and tricked your eyes into only see the game instead of looking at a game on a screen.

Maxor1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Exclusive is a console fanboy term. This device doesn't need exclusives. Nobody is going to buy this to play an exclusive OR FPS, they're going to buy it to enhance the experience of games they already have. The key here is to drive the adoption from sim and FPS fans.

BC_Master_Haze1300d ago

-_- no, it's used to state the fact that something is only available on a specific piece of hardware. Oculus only games would be a reason, albeit not a huge one, to buy if done properly, and said exclusivity would probably allow them to better develop the game for the Oculus.

Far Cry was actually the first game that came to my head when I thought about what games I would want to experience in VR, that, Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, GTA and Alien.

Clunkyd1300d ago

"Exclusives is a console fanboy term"

Or something that PC fanboys are butthurt about.

mochachino1299d ago

I guarantee if HL3 was made for Oculus Rift and utilized its unique controller and head tracking, millions of people would buy it.

Games need to be made that utilize the specific features of oculus or the incentive to buy it will be diminished.

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Grilla1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

I have my doubt about fps working in vr. Vr works best with cockpit or driving games. Your brain doesn't like it when it thinks you're running around but you're physically sitting in the same spot. Yeah, you're gonna get sick.

It's been said many times that most current games won't work in vr.

BC_Master_Haze1300d ago

I was thinking for FPS that motion controls would control your weapon, but head tracking controls your LoS. That said motion sickness is an issue, regardless of whether you're virtually running or driving, and affects both equally from my experience.

Grilla1300d ago

@bc_master_haze Everyone's different I guess, in my case I'm fine with driving games, but with fps I easily get motion sick. Takes me 4-5 sessions of playtime before I get used to a new fps. Could never finish golden eye or halflife 2. I couldn't even get off the beach in that world war 2 call of duty game, the one that starts out on D day.

VforVideogames1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Does anybody knows this is an old article?

rocketpanda1300d ago

It doesn't need exclusivity like console specific titles to push hardware sales. Seeing as FB bought Oculus, it will be third party developers choices to make games utilising Oculus platform specific or not. But for the money FB paid it will be used broadly.

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Dudebro901300d ago

No. Its still too convoluted for the average consumer. While Morpheous is the "inferior" product, it has a much better chance of succeeding due to its tie in with the playstation brand.

Pandamobile1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Do you really think the PlayStation brand is gonna drive more conumser awareness than Oculus partnering with Facebook and Samsung?

These types of VR devices are obviously going to be niche markets for the first couple years, but you're going to find 10-100 times more VR content available on PC than on PS4, and that's what's going to drive early adoption more than anything.

mcstorm1300d ago

I still don't see VR being anything but an extra for home consoles or PC as most people like to multi task when gaming. (Using Phone, Tablet other devices, drinking, Eating ect).

With VR your closed off to everything behind you.

I still think its a great idea but I just don't see the average joe will rush out and buy the product.

That said with devices like this and what Microsoft and Google are working on it could turn out to be an interesting time.

starchild1300d ago

It's not really any more convoluted than normal gaming on a PC or console. Seriously, have you used it?

Once you have it set up it's as easy as putting on a pair of goggles and away you go.

It's completely worth it. Morpheous will be cool and I plan to get it for my PS4, but it is going to have more limitations than Oculus Rift on PC. People after the best VR experience will certainly choose the Oculus Rift.

Maxor1300d ago

PS4 can barely do 1080p. Now you want it do BF4 with VR or make GTA 5 have VR support? How badly will the frame rate drop? The advantage of the OR is that it has direct applications in the games we have today because it is unbound by hardware limitations.

Morpheus will not be able to make this claim.

ExPresident1300d ago

It'll advertise well. I mean its got the funding of Facebook behind it. No reason it shouldn't atleast be popular in the general consumers eye.

Whether it is the best or not will be subjective.

level 3601300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Reading and seeing footage of these VR ( and AR ) goggles looks really impressive, just hope they also deliver in the other important aspects of *reliability, *durability, *responsiveness and *upgrades/updates ( for this and future gen release for games, PC/consoles ).

1300d ago
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