Bungie’s Luke Smith Discusses Crota’s End Mistakes And Possible House Of Wolves Improvements

Bungie game designer Luke Smith recently took to NeoGAF to offer some hints at what kind of changes are coming to Destiny in the future and for its House of Wolves DLC.

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osu22duke1273d ago

The Dark Below DLC killed the game for me. The loot system is entirely too frustrating compared to other games ive played like Diablo III. Also being able to cheese every single part of the raids made me not care about learning the mechanics of it.

KingOfOldSkool1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It didn't completely kill the game for me, but TDB did leave a very damaging impression that's going to be pretty hard to shake. The expansion added more problems than it fixed, and I'm rapidly losing the willingness to deal with them while grinding for equipment that will only be obsolete in a little over a month.

AKS1272d ago

I ran through everything legit several times on Normal, and I can immediately tell which players know what to do and which do not from how lost some have been in certain parts on Hard mode. I beat Crota on Hard with all 3 of my characters and am happy to have a decent increase in the Crota fight. The Normal difficulty was getting way too easy. They also made a much needed change of having Ir Yut have good drops so people stop skipping that fight.

Naga1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It's interesting observing this from afar. After investing hundreds of hours into Destiny after launch, I actually haven't even touched the game since the last big update. Knowing that Bungie is willing to make such drastic changes to the game mechanics, potentially screwing me over again and rendering worthless the countless hours I pour into the game... it puts quite a damper on my enthusiasm.

I'm not finished with Destiny, by any means... but I fully intend to wait until the last major update drops before taking another plunge.

OmegaShen1273d ago

Thats the same as saying your done playing, an people that say Dark Below ruined the game are just trolling.

How did adding to do ruin it?

Naga1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It's not the same. Once they provide strong enough indication that they are going to leave the mechanics of the system well enough alone, then I will feel safe enough to return and begin reinvesting my time and effort into the game. So, unless they are going to continuously change the game in ways that counter my efforts to climb their mountain, I will eventually return. But for the time being, I have no desire to swim upstream against a constantly changing current.

And to be polite to your question, I really don't have to explain to how adding to the game ruined it... because I never said it did in the first place. You did, when you constructed your straw man argument.

But with that said, the game-changing update that changed the loot system, changed how exotics work, and then vendor gear which trumped the raid gear that many of the more hardcore and dedicated crowd had worked countless hours to obtain... that felt like a big ol' kick in the nads. Polygon (among numerous other outlets) wrote a pretty decent article which mirrored my thoughts on the pitfalls of Bungie's decision with that.

I don't think Bungie ruined the game. However, I definitely don't want to work so hard again only to have my efforts rendered worthless by an update. Once they stop updating the game, I'll come back to it.

rocketpanda1273d ago

Did you even read Naga's comment, or just take offence because you like the game in its current form? I recommend you read it again because it is not the same as you think it is. Waiting for another big update and saying you're completely done is two contrasting statements.

Right, so people spend countless hours grinding and upgrading their exotic gear only for it to completely change when the dlc came out making everything you were doing pointless. I can understand that as a valid complaint, not trolling. I had my fair share of enjoyment from the game right before the dlc dropped, like Naga said I will wait for a substantial update before jumping back in.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1273d ago

Here are the issues;

1. Only raid loot matters. (for a game about making your own legend, you sure are limited by your options about how to do it)

2. exotics need to grow with expansions, not be 'updated'. No exotic shard bs. Instead of resetting a weapon, add bubbles to it's upgrade tree instead.

3. No gally? Good luck getting into a party. Stop making bosses where the go to solution is to have a g-horn. Some newer players are suffering because of this and being left out.

4. Classes. Sorry but why are all of them the exact same minus how they jump and their specials?

5. The grind. I personally don't mind grinding, but this isn't even fun.

6. Story...I could tell you why this is an issue, but I won't.

AKS1272d ago

"No gally? Good luck getting into a party."

You don't want to be in a party hosted by someone making that a requirement. You can do plenty of damage with Hunger of Crota.

You don't actually even need an exotic weapon for the Crota fight, including on Hard. Black Hammer and Hunger of Crota do more than enough damage to hang with exotics. If you're a really accurate sniper, there's probably no sniper rifle that can outdamage Black Hammer currently.

I have a maxed Gjallerhorn, and I didn't use it once in the three times I ran through Crota on Hard this week. Icebreaker (you can't say this is too hard to get; Xur just sold it last week) and Hunger of Crota is a fantastic combination that served me quite well.

If you don't have Hunger of Crota or Gjallerhorn, you should still be able to do Normal just fine until you get Hunger of Crota. It takes much less to down Crota on Normal. Any launcher with tracking should work there.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1272d ago

It's an overexaggeration of how some of the community is, although suggesting weapons you get for killing crota as weapons to use in crota is kinda funny in of itself.

AKS1272d ago


"suggesting weapons you get for killing crota as weapons to use in crota is kinda funny in of itself."

It makes more sense if you read a bit more carefully and see that I made distinctions about what is needed for Hard and Normal difficulties. I quite clearly noted that you do NOT need those specific launchers for Normal, and you can get Hunger of Crota on Normal mode. You can then upgrade that launcher when you get it and give Hard mode a try. You actually don't need the Gjallarhorn at all.

cooksauce1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Sooooo I've deleted my VOG raid gear because I didn't have enough room in the small Vault, do I get it back?...

Guess I'll just try hard for The HOW Gear and keep that. Crota Raid only gives me gauntlets, and oh ya, the shard system to upgrade them...

Goku7811273d ago

Still waiting on that in game story to be told. Patch in a cinema that at least shows the after effects of crotas death. I love how DCU gives you at least back story on its bosses even if they may or may not come back. At least give us something instead of being lost in the dark below.