Top 10: Games we'd love to see on Xbox One

Kevin Kennedy of This is Xbox writes, "It's hard not to peek over the garden fence and look at the toys that the neighbours get to play with and feel a sense of longing. We want all the toys dammit! It's with this in mind that we've decided to clog together a list of the Top 10 games we'd love to see on the Xbox One. There is only one rule, there actually has to be even the remotest possibility of it happening within this generation, so all those fantastic first party games that Nintendo and Sony get to play with? They don't count. No The Last of Us or Super Mario Galaxy's will be found here."

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AngelicIceDiamond1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Well this game looks very nice.


"Developer Area Effect, a studio consisting of Ubisoft veterans, has just announced their first game for an Xbox console titled Izle. This 3D action-adventure RPG lets players build their own world by terraforming islands with powers only gods should have. Players are able to explore these islands, harness abilities, and forge items with an infinity of possibilities to create undiscovered character classes."

sounds like another procedural build kind of title. Except its an actual RPG game and not just simulation where you have to make everything yourself its an actual RPG game WITH heavy simulation which sounds like allot of fun and highly, highly interesting.

This game makes sense with Minecraft being successful, Project Sparks Success and now this game Izle being exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Those are some very interesting titles the arthur wants X1 lol.

christocolus1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

it actually looks the art style. whats the release time frame?

Barnaby-Jones1333d ago

My list:

Shenmue 1&2 HD
Shenmue 3
New Jet Set Radio
New Powerstone
Kotor 3
Jade Empire 2
New Mad Dash Racing
New Otogi
New Fusion Frenzy
Lost odyssey 2

MrBT1333d ago

Jet Set Radio! I'd be all over that!

christocolus1333d ago

Fuzion frenzy, otogi, jade empire and a new lost odyssey would be great.

Xavior_Reigns1333d ago

Great list but I'm most interested in a new -

Lost Odyssey
Jade Empire (Definitely this!)
Jet Set Radio

I missed the others but from what I hear of Shenmue, I missed out big time. However several of these games in your list would be multiplatform now. Regardless it'll be a big win just for proper sequels to those games to exist.

Elit3Nick1333d ago

I want to also see:

Brute Force 2
new Conker
Crimson Skies 2
Mechassault 3
Mechwarrior Online port
Mechwarrior 5

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PGChief1333d ago

I'd love a new Skate game for Xbox One

xfiles20991333d ago

I would love for Microsoft to make there own game and stop buying Third Party games. Thats why I like Sony they have so many fresh new games. Maybe Microsoft will make a new IP soon.

WizzroSupreme1333d ago

1. The Shenmue Collection HD (1-2)
2. Shenmue 3
3. Shenmue 3-2
4. Shenmue 3-3
5. Shenmue: Origins
6. Shenmue 4
7. Shenmue 4: GOTY Edition
8. Shenmue 5
9. Shenmue 6
10. Shenmue 6: Remastered

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