Mileena Confirmed? Earthrealm To Side With Outworld? Frost Returns? (MKX)

With the release of the new MKX comic (issue #4) a lot of questions have been given answers, and the story has become much clearer.

This is to discussing the possible returns of these two characters, as well as dissecting where the plot has come to as of the release of issue #4.

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Darth Gamer1300d ago

Does anyone know if there is going to be an extensive single player story mode in this game like last game. That was an incredible part of the game and useful to because it forced you to use every character. If there is, I will definitely be getting this but if not, I will have to give this a second thought.

CorndogBurglar1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Yes there will be.

The thing that Netherealm does right that no one can disagree with is put a very in depth story in a fighting game.

They did it with MK9 and Injustice. No way they will stop now.

The story starts right where the last one left off and is said to span 25 years.

This would explain all the new characters like Johnny Cage and Sonya's daughter. (Sonya wasn't even pregnant in the last one, so 25 years sounds about right for Cassie Cage to train and grow up.)

The way Shinnok appeared at the end of the last game, and this news leads me to believe that Shinnok and the Netherealm will try to take over and Earth Realm and Outworld will have to team up to stop him. I assume the Netherealm will be too strong with the deaths of so many characters in the last game. With so few people to help defend i'm thinking the Netherealm will take over and then 25 years later a new team of people will have to ban together to stop them.

Thats just what i've pieced together though.

Darth Gamer1300d ago

Sweet!! Thank you for the reply. I will be buying this probably day 1 then. Loved the story mode.

VengefulPenguin1300d ago

To go along with what you said, I believe the new kombatants that were introduced in the game should prove to be a good fighting force. Takeda (Kenshi's son) Cassie (Sonya and Johny Cage's daughter) and Jax's daughter, which i still haven't managed to memorize the name of. (i believe it's something along the lines of jacquie)

I do believe they can manage to protect Earthrealm, and i also believe that they will form a somewhat temporary alliance with Outworld, so that they could manage to save both the realms.

The story does seem to be very interesting since Daegon's making a return along with lots of other klassic characters, and it's really amazing to see how the whole plot's going to unfold.

My money's going on a outworld-earthrealm alliance that'll turn bad for earthrealm by the end of mkx, and that'll probably be where MKXI or MK11 will kick off.

VengefulPenguin1300d ago


He was so diverse and fun to play in mk9

CorndogBurglar1300d ago

I would love to see Frost in this game. She was my favorite in whichever MK she was in. Deception i believe? Cant remember.

VengefulPenguin1300d ago

i recall she was in Deception, as well as armageddon and deadly alliance. She was generally a major character i dont really know why they decided to drop her out.

dumahim1300d ago

If you have to question it, then it isn't a confirmation is it?