5 Reasons For Playing The GTA V Story Again On The Current-Gen

IM PLAYIN discuss a few reasons for playing the GTA V story again on the current-gen consoles.

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TheSuperior 1181d ago

Im on my xbox one play through now. :)

Pogmathoin1180d ago

Me too, and aiming to make millions on assassin missions with stock markets this time round....

aLucidMind1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Do the trophies/achievements carry over? If I would have to make a new character just to get the ones in multiplayer, then I see no reason to get it for me as I already have the game for PS3. And that's coming from someone who's bought The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, and Sleeping Dogs remakes.

Ripsta7th1180d ago

If you have the TLOU on ps4 how do you not know?
Its the exact sae thing as TLOU
Separate trophies for each system

aLucidMind1180d ago

Your online progress doesn't carry over from PS3 to PS4 in The Last of Us like it does for GTA5. There's the difference and that's why I ask.

inmusicutrust1180d ago

You can carry your online progress over, but not the single player campaign. All trophies are per system so you can an get them all again on ps4. It's the best port on ps4 in my opinion.

aLucidMind1180d ago

Does that mean that I will immediately get all the online trophies I already have? I just don't want to waste my time regaining trophies I already got.

BigPappaPump1180d ago

aLucidMind: All online trophies are retro active once you transfer your online character. If you're lucky, a couple single player trophies may pop up. Pray that you get the 100% trophy so you don't have to bother doing those ridiculous stunts and knife flights.

CloudRap1181d ago

Its honestly one of the funniest, most enjoyable campaigns Ive played.

P.S. Anyone who picked anything other than the third option at the end is a total scumbag.

SolidStoner1180d ago

almost each mission can be played different in a way.. it was even more fun for me to play it second time.. I noticed many other details I missed in the first play..

AidenPearce1180d ago

Mna, I think R* added options A and B at the end for the hell of it.

Endings A and B were tonally closer to GTA 4.

The option C ending of the game is the one that truly fits with the tone of the rest of the game IMO.

Heyxyz1180d ago

Anyone who didn't choose ending C is really missing out. IMO ending C was one of the best missions in the game.

Tankbusta401180d ago

I replayed it... It's nice... But the main reason I bought it was in the hope they will release heists for online before I hit 40

NinjaRichParty1180d ago

"hope they will release heists for online before I hit 40"

hahahaha oh man i laughed way to hard at this. Funny bubble coming your way.

Tankbusta401180d ago

Haha thanks... They have 9 years till I'm 40

dRanzer1180d ago

well i played agian on ps4,but i wish there is more to do after we compelte the campain - maybe missions with fort zancudo or the prison(to break in to it and make chose amonge the prisonres) or even in the LS Airport,something cool and that really effect the world of GTA V

BC_Master_Haze1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I'm hoping for a more dynamic world in GTA VI, fully destructible too, but that's probably asking too much.

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