Top Ten Reasons to Buy Nintendo in 2015

Alex gets a little bit overexcited discussing just some of the reasons why you should consider buying Nintendo this year.

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eaise1210d ago

Reason to buy Nintendo hardware:
They have the BEST games!

superchiller1210d ago

Too bad they have the WORST hardware, ruined by silly gimmicks and much too weak to run any remotely current-gen stuff. The Wii U is really more on par with the 360/PS3, and the world has moved on from that generation.

Nintendo is always one generation behind, since the Wii. Pretty sad stuff.

WiiUsauce1210d ago

Yet Xenoblade looks technically better than any game last gen, and looks more visually stunning than any other "next gen" game out there.

jayzablade1210d ago

Yet the machine can produce 1080/60fps which by people like you, is all that matters...obviously not that poor then, eh?!

higgins781210d ago

I could have give you (easy) 10 reasons to buy Nintendo in 2014...2015 is just a continuation of the good work. Nintendo should appeal to hearts and minds alike. I bought a PS4 at launch...I did so because I imagine exclusives appearing soon which justify the purchase/price tag, BUT, to say 2014 was anything but a poor year for Sony would be a lie. A couple of great games, most available on other platforms - the majority perform better for it i.e PC versions running at higher and more consistent fps.

With the library of games available for the Wii U already AND its upcoming line up over this year AND the release of the New 3DS, its surely only the lack of chav fodder which is keeping either Nintendo console out the hands of the majority...and all the better for it in my opinion.

superchiller1210d ago

Sounds like a bunch of weak damage control to me, Nintendo completely blew it this gen, let's hope they can come up with something better next one (if they do even release anything, after the disastrous Wii U).

Locknuts1210d ago

I might get a new 3DS this year.

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