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Greg Giddens of This is Xbox writes, "Saying #IDARB is fun doesn’t do it justice. Saying it’s joyous, intense and engrossing, doesn’t say nearly enough. To describe it as highly competitive, lightning fast and powerfully compelling isn’t nearly enough, not nearly enough to fully describe the #IDARB experience. Adjectives just aren’t going to do it. I’m going to spend 700 words now trying to convince you of its quality, its fecund fun, but you really must play it to fully understand. You must play it, you should play it and I hope you will play it, because it’s an absolutely brilliant party game."

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ghostface91270d ago

this might be a little high but I think it will be a fun game does anyone know if it has the ability to do private games online

3-4-51270d ago

Just watched some gameplay and it looks good.

* Sprite Editor to make your own characters.

* Music Editor to make your own music tracks to listen to while playing.

^ Those should be in more games.

Deathdeliverer1270d ago

That score is pretty Damn high. Sounds like the twitter integration must be fun. I wonder how much fun it will be for people that don't use twitter like me.

shadyiswin1270d ago

can't wait,plus it's free!

Ginesis1270d ago

I already have this game and I'll say this, it definitely should be between a 90-95. Its fun just playing the CPU I can't wait till the servers are online.