Lords of the Fallen unlikely to hit Wii U, up to the publisher

In the latest issue of Gamesource, Deck13’s creative director Jan Klose was asked about the possibility of bringing Lords of the Fallen to Wii U.

The chances of that happening aren’t very high, as Klose stated that the team probably won’t be doing a Wii U port. Such a move would ultimately be a publisher decision.

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TheLastColossus1183d ago

This piece of shit ruined 2014 for me.

MSBAUSTX1183d ago

Im sorry to hear that. I find it rather good. I like the fact that you have to be smart about fighting and not just rush in. Plus I got it for only $20 at Christmas time so that makes it even better. I like the game but i have never had a game ruin my year. That is a little dramatic bro.