Rumor: Details on Visceral’s Untitled Star Wars Game. A Hint for the Spin-Off Movie?

StarWars7News writes: "Not too long ago, we mentioned that the staff at Visceral Games are enthusiastic about their Star Wars project, and that they can’t wait to officially unveil it. While the release of the game is a ways away, we’ve apparently come into contact with exclusive rumors about the title – including how it might tie into a spin-off movie."

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Irishguy951269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

SW 1313 woulda been Uncharted in space

annoyedgamer1269d ago

It would have been a really good Cyberpunk game but the dirtbags at EA and Disney could care less.

XBLSkull1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Han Solo is a smuggler, a game like Uncharted wouldn't make any sense. I suppose since Disney pulled a douche move and threw out the entire extended universe, the only stuff that holds true is what we've seen in 6 films, so they can do whatever they want now. Though any time a conflict arrives I'm gonna go ahead and say Disney is contradicting Star Wars fiction.

nX1269d ago

I wouldn't want a Han Solo game... if you give me Star Wars, give me light sabers man.

ShinMaster1269d ago

@ Bloodborn

Lightsabers have been overused ever since the prequels.

UltraNova1268d ago

@ Bloodborn

I'm so fed up with those overrated glow sticks I cant even think about using them in any SW game.

UNLESS they make use of the damn thing the RIGHT way >>>see MGR Revengeance (hell yeah!).

I want a great story full of that original Star wars feel from the first movies with great character development and great game play action with an emphasis on Force abilities. I couldn't care less about light-sabers anymore.

ShiranaiJittai1268d ago

I am all for hating on Disney and EA they do some pretty despicable things but in this one rare instance I would probably have to side with them.

1313 Was one of my anticipated games hands down, but as soon as Disney bought Star Wars there was zero chance it was ever going to happen. The most we could hope for is they would rehire some of the team for a new game, maybe some characters, assets, backgrounds, or game mechanics would be adopted into a new game. Nothing else was ever going to happen.

See love it or hate it Disney consumes damn near anything it wants to absorbing or shutting down competitors left and right. They do have one golden rule they have always had though.

Nothing mature and nothing R rated. EVER. Since Star Wars 1313 was said to be the first M rated Star Wars game to ever be developed it was never going to happen TT

For the most part I think Disney is going a good job with Marvel. I think their "business plan is as long as you are making us money and staying politically correct with diversity in your heroes we won't step on any toes but if you start losing us money we will change everything. Essentially just throwing money at them to make more superhero movies, tv shows and properties than would ever be possible without them.

Eliminating the hundreds of star wars books and just saying they don't count anymore is a dick move though. So is cancelling Star Wars 1313

Just to be clear not disagreeing with you that it sucks just trying to give some context as to why it happened at all.

Godmars2901268d ago

"Han Solo is a smuggler, a game like Uncharted wouldn't make any sense."

A cargo run gone wrong? Getting hired to haul something unknown and dangerous that gets stolen that you have to get back?

The scenario pretty much writes itself.

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Jaqen_Hghar1269d ago

sounds awesome! A man saw that and basically thought the same thing. Though of course space would bring with it some new stuff inherently such as ship battles instead of horse chases

StarLord_Who1269d ago

It probably still is 1313, just a reboot of sorts

jmc88881269d ago

Star Wars: Smuggler would be a cool idea.

xx4xx1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters woulda been better.

Rimeskeem1269d ago

SW 1313 was basically that

DonkeyWalrus1268d ago

There's already a game called Star Wars: Bounty Hunter where you play as Jango Fett. I had it on the GameCube years ago.

-Foxtrot1269d ago

They would have to get someone who sounds a lot like Harrison Ford if it was going to be a Han Solo game

360ICE1269d ago

I know someone who sounds a lot like Harrison Ford!

Harrison Ford!

I mean, why not?

-Foxtrot1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I would like that but doing mo cap...I don't know he doesn't seem the type that would want to do it

Kavorklestein1269d ago

Well considering he wouldn't do either Ender's Game or Indiana Jones Crystal skull for anything less than 50 million, chances are kinda slim. But it would be cool!

360ICE1269d ago

He apparently starred in a Japanese ad for Uncharted 3.

That's Indiana Jones playing Uncharted! Why on earth didn't they use that in the west.

Other than that, I unfortunately can't seem to find anything he's done related to video games.

SilentNegotiator1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


My understanding is that a lot of actors do stupid little commercials for a small (relatively, that is) amount with the stipulation that it's only shown in Japan (or whatever country it's for), done quickly with little to no rehearsal. They don't want it hurting their reputation in other markets (although, with the internet that's hard to hide these days) and Japanese advertisers want big names.

360ICE1268d ago

I thought as much, but Indiana Jones as Nathan Drake seems too perfect not to do everywhere. Oh, well. Maybe he can voice Han Solo in the Japanese dub.

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qwertyone1269d ago

Anthony Ingruber..... at least for look alike.

Dudebro901269d ago

Once again this is fake.

Once again there is Zero evidence that this is real. The "source" is some guy who says he has an insider. You are once again creating a rumor to generate clicks. Stop.

KnightRobby1269d ago

The source:

They also leaked the concept art for Episode VII, which ended up being dead on.

Sources are in the description of the video.

Dudebro901269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Lie i said, there is zero evidence form you or the "source."

All you have is some dude who said he heard from an "insider" that this is happening.

That is not credible in anyway.

I could make up anything and pass it along with that logic.

I heard from this guy who heard from an insider that A new FOrce Unleashed game is coming.

See how easy that was?

SilentNegotiator1269d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Oh, well if the famous "" says that they have an inside source...


fanboysmackdown1269d ago

I agree...and listening to this guy's tin can voice and bad vocab makes it sound even more fake.

OrangePowerz1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

It might be fake, but it might also make a lot of sense since Henning works now for EA. Maybe that's why they hired her away from ND?

BattleTorn1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

It's always the SAME GUY too!!!

He switches from saying "This is confirmed, by a legitimate source" to "if this turns out to be true" back and forth back and forth

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Perjoss1269d ago

Nathan: "I love you"
Han: "I know"

KnightRobby1269d ago

LOL :D This comment made my day haha

scark921269d ago

I never want to read the rest of this fanfiction!

BC_Master_Haze1269d ago

Drakes good, but he's definitely nat Han :D because nobody is Han

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