GWL's Take on Girl Gamers

Liam of Gamers Wasteland goes into detail on his thoughts on girl gamers and how they get poorly treated in todays gaming society.

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DarkSniper3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

The one demographic that was not documented is that female gamers tend to have better tastes in platforms than some males do. 87% of all women gamers prefer the PLAYSTATION®3 over the other platforms. The other 13% are geared towards the Nintendo Wii. So Dark Sniper is ecstatic to see that the female demographic has no place for Xbox 360.


DarkCowMoo3608d ago

I haven't met many girls online on the XBOXLIVE. I guess that if they say something, stupid assholes will say something.

Reibooi3608d ago

I have known a few girls on Xbox live and guess what they were all with the exception of one better then me. I've been gaming my entire life and am no slouch when it comes to online gaming yet still these few I met were better then me. Honestly it makes me sick how females are treated online. The only place they seem to be treated decently are MMO's and even there they have problems. Often I will mute my entire team because of the sexist slurs that are thrown out at the opposing female on the other team. Very much like the author of this article I have a very strong appreciation of the opposite sex and that may be why this issue hits so close to home for me.

Harryhit43608d ago

The problem is these 12-year old prepubescent children that plague XBL. They just don't care, and the reason behind that is that they are too immature to understand. Sorry for all the sh*t you've been through Reibooi, that's just something people have to understand about today's gamers.

oLiam03607d ago

Thanks folks for taking the time to read the article and for your comments & thoughts.
While I think it was the picture that Babba posted that sucked many people in I am glad to see that this is an issue that is taken seriously and is appreciated, and I hope some people are educated by it.