Scans roundup – Bravely Second, Legend of Legacy, Majora’s Mask 3D, Pokemon Shuffle, Rodea

Check out a bunch of scans from this week's issue of Famitsu.

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kalkano1300d ago

Disappointed to see so many returning characters in Bravely Second. I think it's a residual leftover of seeing them so often in the second half...

I'll still buy it, of course.

3-4-51299d ago

I had actually sold BD...I regret it though as I never finished it and what I played I really liked.

* If I recall I think it's because with a deal I still got like $35 back for it.

Either way, I'm going to rebuy it...finish the game, so I'm ready for BD2 if it makes it's way over.

* The Art Style, sounds, music & Visuals of Bravely Default are some of my favorite in any game I've ever played.

* I liked the cast enough that I'm cool with them returning.

Also, having returning characters in some way, makes playing the first game that much more rewarding and I think it will encourage those who missed out on the first game to go and try it out.

* Some games are just that much better because of past connections to related games.

GokuSolosAll1299d ago

Bravely Second? Meh, it's as close to a classic Final Fantasy as I'll get from Square these days...I'll take it.

What's Legend of Legacy? Sounds good. Dunno what Rodea is either but curious.

Pokemon Shuffle is gonna be free, right? Definitely grabbing that.