Top five of the best Xbox One JRPG releases to look forward to in 2015 and beyond

The top five of the best Xbox One JRPG releases that you should be looking forward to in 2015 and beyond.

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Foehammer1185d ago

Looks like JRPG fans are in for a treat.

christocolus1185d ago

its Phantum Dust , KH and FFXV for me.

TFJWM1184d ago

Is Phantom Dust really a JRPG? I thought it was an action strategy game.

christocolus1184d ago


its a mix of various genres. quite difficult to explain but if youve never played it you could check out some videos on youtube.

Gamer19821184d ago

Phantom dust isn't really a JRPG but its difficult to pick out a top 5 on Xbox to be fair. I am shocked MS are bothering with Phantom Dust considering the original only sold 100k copies worldwide on the original Xbox. I mean sure the original Xbox wasn't no 360 however that was still in a generation where Halo 2 sold 8.5 million. I think this is a last ditch attempt to try and saver Japan? Since now Mistwalker has gone they pretty much have no developers and IPs in JRPG catagory. Sony has them beat on a massive scale and handhelds seem to have an even bigger share with the 3DS getting the most.

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Lenrulesdaworld1185d ago

and scalebound, something people don't seem to realize its a jrpg as well according to ken lobb.

Gamer19821184d ago

Scalebound not got a date yet and by that I mean not even a 2015 date we only been told 2015 before we see action. I would hazard a guess we won't be playing that game until 2016 just like with Crackdown (not a JRPG but also a game we seen nothing of but announced). Which is usually the case when you seen no gameplay just a CGI.. We may get this year but Platinum games are not a big team and they have only just finished making Bayonetta 2 and are also working on Legend of Korra which is due out this year I can't see them working on 3 games at once. They just aren't big enough for 2 big games and Legend of Korra.

Lenrulesdaworld1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

The man plays the game every day, I think I pretty good idea of what i'm talking about. If you haven't noticed the avatar pic lol. As far as date, the game has been in production for over two years, so a 2015 release is slightly possible but phantom dust I believe won't release to 2016. They also aren't making the game alone microsft is helping them, the game built and design by platinum with microsoft staff as well. Don't be surprise come e3 they announce this holiday or early 2016.

EXVirtual1185d ago

FF15, KH3 and Phantom Dust aren't coming out this year (not sure about Phantom Dust). Why do so many websites keep making the same damn mistake?

NoctisPendragon1185d ago

KH3 : definilty not (but we never know).
FF XV : maybe it ll come out in 2015 , they are on full product + a demo is coming in march , so we better be optimistic.
Phantom Dust : idk.

F0XHOUND1185d ago

Actually, its possible FFXV might be released this year. The argument is, will it release in japan first.... as it usually does, which would be the end of this year at its earliest. Or, will it release worldwide seeing as consoles are in the 20-30million units range by that point in the west.

But you're right in thinking 2016 feels safe kingdom hearts 3 is definitely next year I'd say.

jambola1183d ago

"2015 and beyond"
as in 2015 and after 2015
too many people in comment sections comment on something without reading the article, just the title
but you didn't even make it that far, you didn't even finish reading the title

SegaGamer1185d ago

Uhh, 4 of the five listed are multi platform. Microsoft are not a fan of this genre for some unknown reason. If you want JRPG's then it's best to go for anything but an Xbox console.

Gamer19821184d ago

Agreed but if your a fan of shooters than Xbox is the go to console as they get the lion share of them and usually the early DLC for the bigger titles.

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