Final Fantasy XV to Feature Health Regen

TheArabGame writes: "It seems Final Fantasy XV is going to become more casual than we think. A recent interview with the Game Director reveals that the game's cover system will be used to recover"

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Cy1339d ago

Hm, I think it might be too early to tell from the footage they've released, but he could just mean you have to get into cover in order to use health items without getting attacked mid animation and having the item use canceled. Even if it is regenerating health though, I'm getting enough JRPG's next year that I wouldn't mind if one of them was easier to play.

elninels1338d ago

How cool of you.

The original halo that we all love is the first game I can remember with regenerating shields (health, same thing).

Why is it so cool to hate cod these days? Do you think you're original for doing so?

chadwarden1338d ago

He's doing it because it makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing the amount of agrees he gets

hleV1334d ago

I don't blame COD for having regenerative health, I blame COD for being popular, which results in other games taking example from it.

Xavior_Reigns1339d ago

LOL! How sad... as with the open world craze, health regen is not needed in every game.

Lord_Sloth1339d ago

While this is true it doesn't necessarily mean it will damage or ruin the title.

Butters3601339d ago

Regen has always been a staple in Final Fantasy.

Snookies121339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Lol! That is so true.

On topic: We don't really know how it's going to work yet though, people need to hold off assumptions until we get the demo in March. It's not that far off now, we can start making accurate arguments on things once we actually PLAY the game.

Irishguy951339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

True but it won't stop people moaning and assuming, the quote doesn't exaplin anything, recover =/= regen =/= heal etc. Recover can mean simply to take a break for all we know(although I doubt it), I too think cover will be used to cast buffs/healing spells.

Although thinking about it, KH games and heal..kinda made the battle system less fun. "must save magic for healing...not for other spells"

Zero-One1338d ago

I'm okay with it, so long if they do it like Xenoblade did it's health regain.

F0XHOUND1339d ago

During battle or after battle... very different scenarios. I'd personally rather neither as I like the challenge. Regen health in my day "the fossil that is a 25 year old lol" was a magic skill I had to cast.... now its built in :(

But hey, at least it looks pretty!!!!

RashBandicoot1339d ago

I'm assuming during as the quote mentions taking cover from attacks

“There is also a cover system where you can avoid attacks to recover. It has a very close effect similar to defending yourself.”

Zero-One1338d ago

I'm sure it's post-battle. Xenoblade did that too and everybody liked that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.