Are Exo-Zombies A Game Changer For Critics Of The COD Series

Havoc is getting set to launch next week but Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which asks if adding the Exo-Zombies is a game changer for critics who say the series is basically the same thing with every release.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1094d ago

Ditto. I haven't bought or even played a COD game since world at war.

DeadlyOreo1094d ago

Well done. I've bought and played every Cod game since World At War. Did I win?

Garethvk1094d ago

AW and Black Ops 2 as well we Modern 2 and 3 have been good.

nX1094d ago

You didn't miss much, I've already forgotten that I'm owning Advanced Warfare. I hate that game and Ghosts was even worse.

danthegamerfiend1094d ago

Agreed how can zombies with a double jump change me mind. Real inovation right there. Sold the game for 50 and I won't look back. Black ops 2 for me still remains to be the best cod to date.

BC_Master_Haze1094d ago

I remember in Black Ops zombies how crawlers could fling themselves up 10 or so feet if you were above them, how does exotic change anything about the gameplay? They could already basically jump the same height.

KirbysDump1094d ago

jUdgementals not giving this game a chance, just try it

KingWookiee1094d ago

I don't know if this is just me but I hope this is the first and last CoD with exo suits in them. They were cool at the start but all they have brought to this game is another way to camp.

Garethvk1094d ago

I like aspects of them but they allow some new hacks into the mix as well.

EvilWay1094d ago

Zombies can not save the Cod franchise. I know a lot of people buy them just for zombies but it isn't enough. Cod needs a overhaul if they want to save the franchise, AW sold pretty well but not as much as the original MW and Black ops series

Garethvk1094d ago

One would ask how a franchise that is the best selling game worldwide every year is in need of saving as from a financial standpoint it keeps raking it in so someone keeps buying and playing.

Garethvk1094d ago

How can you disagree it is a fact. Best selling game of the year everywhere in the world every time they make a new game so again, how is it in need of saving?

TheLastColossus1094d ago

Of course not, Zombie mode is a game changer, but it can't be that if its stolen from another CoD dev.

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