Some Hardcore Fans Are So Angry That They’ve Quit ESO For Good

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Some hardcore fans are so angry about the change from P2P to B2P that they’ve quit ESO for good.

Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) just can’t win.

Back in 2013 when the company first announced that The Elder Scrolls Online was going to be subscription-based, a lot of gamers were upset. Many couldn’t stand the thought of paying a monthly fee to play the highly anticipated MMORPG. ESO was being developed for next-gen consoles — as well as PC — and console players were especially loathe to pay a subscription plus Xbox Live and PlayStation Network fees.

Despite the controversy, Matt Firor, Game Director, staunchly defended the subscription-based business model. In an August 2013 interview given to GameStar, Firor explained the reasoning for a subscription:"

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trywizardo1300d ago

making it F2P after so much time , is like a slap to face to the PC gamers . they should give them free items or at least two free DLCs .
anyhow , 20$ a month is too much , if they made it like 5$ a month instead of F2P it would be better (because F2P means Pay to win)

Bigpappy1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

I doesn't have to be pay to win. It could just be done in a way where you can explore as much as you want with what is given, then if you want more, as far as areas with more weapons and interesting enemies.

If they build it properly, we will come.

They should offer some compensation to those who were playing the subs.

joab7771300d ago

They will b/c of it follows other split games like DCUO and Swtor, you will still have to sub to get the most out of it. Otherwise, there will be limitations, or the grind will be absurd. F2p will get many to try, and then many of those will sub to get the benefits, or b/c their friends do. The subs and micros will support the game.

TheJacksonRGN1300d ago

It is not Free to play, you still have to purchase the game before you can play it. Those who already have the game still paid for it originally.

Free-to-play games are game that don't require payment at all for you to download and play it.

shloobmm31300d ago

It's more along the lines of Guild Wars now I believe. You simply buy the game once and then everything outside of expansions is available to you.

rdgneoz31300d ago

@shloobmm3 Yep, and Guild Wars has done a good job at being a 1 time fee. A shop that doesn't interfere with the game, and a ton of free content to get people buying and continuing to play the game. And a new expansion announced on the way.

LackTrue4K1300d ago

PC gamers complain too dame much,

ShottyGibs1300d ago

That's why they don't pay subscriptions to play online with 99 percent of their games. Letting companies have their way with you isn't something to gloat about.

joab7771300d ago

It's not just that. Has anyone played DCUO? Having a split sub/ f2p model is terrible. B/c ultimately you have to sub and then they add microtransactions. Maybe ESO won't be like this, but it might.

Miraak82 1299d ago

ya dcuo is horrible if your f2p and premium even if you just buy the dcl separately because of the cash limit. When the cash limit is 1500 and everything costs million in the auction house you'll just have enough to repair . It's all a hook and every new thing is a hook to that makes you need to spent microtransactions.... I think this game turned me off from mmos for the forseeable future after 3 years of play and i used to love mmo's, I just hate what they've become

Deadlead1300d ago

Sorry pc gamers, some form of reimbursement would no doubt be an auspicious move for Bethesda. That said I'm a console gamer and a huge elder scrolls fan soooo yep there goes my empathy.

UKmilitia1300d ago

sure is but what can they do,they want to make it F2P so there always gonna annoy some,the people playing thegame should be happy with there saving each month.

on the other hand they could do what SOE do with EQ2 with 3 pay models and u get certain benefits for each one.

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-Foxtrot1300d ago

Smart people knew this was going to happen so in a way it's their own fault for not listening to those people saying "Don't buy it yet, it will eventually drop the subscription"

ArchangelMike1300d ago

Agreed. Those where mythoughts when gameplay footage finally got show after the awesome trailers. Right from Beta,people where like - this is not going to live up to mmo standards, it'll go free to play within a year.

All those people where right! Maybe us gamers are finally getting smarter, and are beginning to wise up to the bulshots publishers are constantly trying to pull.

Roccetarius1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Indeed, it could be seen from far away that it was going down this path. I have to admit, i didn't put any trust in Matt's words before launch, at all.

I haven't played as many MMO's as other people, but i do have enough experience with the genre to avoid things like this.

Dirkster_Dude1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

If the grand daddy and most successful MMORPG of all time (World of Warcraft) with a subscription based model couldn't keep it's declining users from jumping ship I'm surprised the ESO people managed to have such a large echo chamber where they heard only their own opinions.

Rachel_Alucard1300d ago

I can remember playing open beta and seeing a thousand pots and containers scattered around the zones like some pottery and that's just one of the many problems I had with this. Some of the people in the open beta were going hard as nails about defending the game to the max, fortunately there was many who actually could see it was bad. I can't believe people actually paid monthly just to play this trash, then complain when it goes to B2P.

Ikki_Phoenix1300d ago

" dirty console peasants "
lol pathetic geek..

we spend more money than pc gamers which LOVE torrent paradise
console market is where $$$$ are been made now and you pc virgin nerds better start dealing with this

sorane1299d ago

"we spend more money than pc gamers which LOVE torrent paradise
console market is where $$$$ are been made now and you pc virgin nerds better start dealing with this"

Not sure where you're getting your false information from, but it's widely known that PC games make more money per year than every console combined. You should really know what you're talking about before posting.

Ikki_Phoenix1299d ago

yeah sure thats why everysingle multiplatform games sell double-triple on consoles because pc version makes more money right ?

go play some 1 dollar crap indie games on steam plz

sorane1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

"yeah sure thats why everysingle multiplatform games sell double-triple on consoles because pc version makes more money right ?"

Showing how little you know yet again I see. Plenty of games sell more on PC than consoles. Diablo 3, Minecraft, FF14, Half Life 2, Counterstrike, Portal, The Witcher 2, Crysis, etc etc etc I could go on and on and on. You sound really mad that your ps4 will be lucky to make 1/10th the money PC games make this year.

Now go play some $60 crap "cinematic" short linear mindless tps that offers 8 hours of barely interactive gameplay and absolutely zero replay value. From your posts I can see why those are the only games your mind can handle.

KrisButtar1300d ago

I'm surprised there were still people who didn't see this coming. The only reason I bought the PC version was because it was $20, played for the month and cancelled. I will pay another $20 so I can transfer over to consoles when that time comes. Its going to be $69.99+ tax for the console version and this was an easy way of saving some coin.

Antifan1299d ago

A perfect example of the PC Master Race. All Hail PC!!

Ikki_Phoenix1299d ago

thats why studios turn towards consoles right ?
cause pc is the master race ?

go play some dota craps kid

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