5 Best Zelda Games of All Time

The Legend of Zelda is without a doubt one of the most beloved and influential franchises in all of video games. The seamless blend of action, exploration, and puzzle solving is unparalleled, and with each iteration, Nintendo tries something wildly different, be it in mechanics, art style, or tone.

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Geobros1301d ago

I agree for the 1st one, I am not ok for the rest of the list. My top 5:
2) Ocarina
3) A link between worlds
4) Oracle of Seasons/Ages
5) Links Awakening (DX)

silkrevolver1301d ago

How are you not okay with the rest of the list when OoT is one space off from your placement?

Geobros1301d ago

Just I dont like Majora, thats all. Also, Between worlds has to be in the list in my opinion, it was just amazing!

silkrevolver1301d ago

Fair enough! I was quite happy with ALBW. I hope a lot of what makes it great transfers over to Zelda U.

Nyxus1301d ago

My list:
1. Ocarina of Time
2. Link's Awakening DX
3. The Wind Waker
4. A Link Between Worlds
5. A Link to the Past

dillhole1301d ago

No one ever shares my opinion, and I can understand why but no Zelda has engrossed me like the very first Legend Of Zelda on the NES. Something about the minimal dialogue and story that gave it such a mystery.

higgins781301d ago

No way would Twilight Princess make my list. I'm way too big a Zelda/Nintendo fan to let that slide. Great, great adventure games, average Zelda game. First time (for me) it felt like Nintendo were treading water with the franchise. Proves to me trying to appease the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' is rarely the way to take it. Anyway, my list...

1. A Link to the Past
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Wind Waker
4. Oracle of Seasons
5. Four Swords

An honourable mention goes to Skyward Sword. I'm gutted that the next instalment in the franchise wont be following on from the innovative and remarkable way the game was played via Motion Plus. My most disappointing Zelda games are only 2...1st as mentioned previously, and 2nd, Zelda II.

silkrevolver1301d ago

I'm generally inclined towards 3D entries, though I haven't beaten MM yet, largely because I've been waiting for the 3DS remake for forever now, but here's my list with that in mind:

1-Twilight Princess
2-Wind Waker
3-Ocarina of Time
4-A Link to the Past
5-Link's Awakening

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