Hands on: HP Dreamcolor LP2480zx LCD monitor

gadget zone has gotten their hands on HP's new mega monitor. Designed for creative types, it can display more than a million colours. As a gaming monitor, this could really be the bees knees. Shame about the price tag though. The monitor is a result of a collaboration between HP and animation studio Dream Works.

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titntin3730d ago

Pretty daft article that misses the point of the monitor entirely!

Also an error in this posting - it should say displays over a 'billion colours' not a million, all monitors do that!

I'm actually getting one of these, as its a dream for me! I'm currently doing some movie post production work, and movies display in 10 bit per pixel colour space (30bit), where PC's use 8 bits per pixel (24bit). So the only way to see the proper image you'd see on the big screen has been to use a CRT reference monitor to compliment your PC display, which is awkward and not a brilliant way of working.

The newer ATI FireGL pro cards are capable of 10 bit output over a diplayport connection, so I will be effectively able to master film work on the PC monitor with no guess work involved. Prior to this monitor, the other solution I found was a sony pro mastering LCD that costs about £15K or $30K, so you can see this will be a real boon to many digital artists who have a need to do film qulaity work on PC.

bumnut3730d ago

but you sound like you know your stuff so i gave you an agree to counter the phantom disagree.

Ghoul3730d ago

another agree from me youse tintin is one of the few fellows that actually know what they are talking about.