Ubisoft reportedly removing Uplay keys bought from unauthorised retailers

Have Ubisoft begun taking action against the 'grey market' of key re-sellers? Several Uplay users seem to think so as reports of missing games are beginning to surface on the official Ubisoft forums, citing that only games bought through sites like G2A and Kinguin have been affected.

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acekaze1274d ago

I dont really understand it, for the game to end up on "grey" resalers has they call it, the original company must sell it 1, since they made their sales alredy, shouldnt they be happy enough people wanted their game and didnt pirate it?

I fail to see how erasing the games from users library will make them like that company more being that as we all know everyone alredy loved ubisoft servives, right along with EA

copium1274d ago

it's because the keys were most likely stolen in the first place. People should be contacting the resellers, not Ubisoft

AndyMoore1274d ago

It's a *very* grey area, and one that gets fuzzier the deeper you get into it. Once we get clarification from Ubi, we'll know what's up for sure, but since it's not affecting everyone, it could just turn out to be a technical issue(?). Of course if it is Ubi taking action, then this sets a firm precedent to other AAA publishers and we'll likely see others follow suit.

Revengeance1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Uplay is shitty. I'd rather stick to Origin than stick to Uplay.

Yi-Long1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'd rather not have ANY extra services I need to be logged into, in order to be able to play a game.

BellePelouse1274d ago

Ubisoft are angry at G2A because their shitty games end up at the quarter of their price 2 months after release. But G2A's price varies depending on offer/demand and their games are not on the demand. IE: I have seen FC4 and AC Unity at 25$ many times, but a qualiy game like Diablo 3, wich is 3 years old rarely goes under 30$

scark921274d ago

Lesson Learned, Do not use UPlay.

jmc88881274d ago

Wow so does Ubisoft really think that taking away their buggy games from people is going to be positive for them?

This is just going to push more people to piracy, which when it comes to Ubisoft games, generally means the more stable version. If you can't buy a game without wondering when it will be taken away, that's a pretty legitimate reason to gain a copy you FULLY control.

So they are going to make the current decision people face even more stark. Either pay full price for ultra-buggy games, or pirate it for free.

With Ubisoft's quality control being so low, it's no doubt going to push people over to the dark side.

But then again I'm sure Ubisoft along with other tech companies are lobbying congress, like so many other companies to increase pirate penalties. Democracy at work. Their lobbying free speech money is more powerful then your words or actions as a valued customer.

Did anyone ever think this was just the quid pro quo for allowing the gov't to spy on us? You let us spy, we'll make sure we enact fascist laws to back you up. What a racket.

Pretty sickening. Removing stolen keys is one thing, but removing non-stolen keys would be public relations suicide.

Remember folks it's the laws that have been passed that give them this power. Obama, Bush, Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, whatever, they are almost all out to screw YOU over. Don't forget the European and other countries as well. Just as bad.. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, etc, Draghi, etc.

The reason why Ubisoft even has this power, is because morons keep electing fascists all over the world who wish to grant themselves and all the multi-national corporations powers such as these.

Be careful what you wish for Ubisoft, you might just get it.

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