DirectX 12: You'll Be Able to Test it Yourself vs DirectX 11 and Mantle, and See how Effective it Is

At the Windows 10 keynote, Microsoft showcased a benchmark to demonstrate how DirectX 12 allows developers to add complexity to a scene without frame rate grinding to a halt, compared to DirectX 11.

Of course, watching a video isn't the same thing as actually testing it for yourself, but you shouldn't worry, as you will indeed be able to.

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DougLord1267d ago

I would think that they would only be able to release a synthetic benchmark and the Sony Trolls would still attack it. Unlike with PC, Xone developers will be able to assume everyone has DX12. So they will be able to program for it natively. This means they can design a game that requires all 6 cores be fully loaded at all times to run smoothly. Can't really do that on PC because one guy might have a kickass 4 core with hyperthreading, the next guy might have a mobile i5u and the next guy might have a octacore tablet chip with <10w TDP running DX9. So you have to design the game to a minimum spec and simply turn on extra bells and whistles for more powerful systems.

DX12 on Xbox has the potential to be more powerful on Xone then on PC, not because of "close to the metal" coding, but because the programmer can always count on having 6 cores avalible.

Go ahead Sony Trolls, vomit up the "secret sauce" hate. It's much easier then critical thought.

Ohhh, cloud is gonna kick arse too.

Abriael1267d ago

"DX12 on Xbox has the potential to be more powerful on Xone then on PC"

Oh god... Someone reads too much misterxmedia.

There's no doubt that DirectX 12 is gonna have an effect, but what you just wrote is really, really beyond the realm of realism.

You should listen more to Phil Spencer, less to people shouting on the internet.

Nekroo911267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Abriael dont waste your time on Directx 12 news you only get disagrees from stating facts, they dont even know how dx 12 works.

The xbox one gpu cant even handle all dx 12 features, only nvidia 900 series and specs arent even finalized but for some reason they think a low end gpu with 3 years can do that...

@Douglord if you want to see the effect os DX 12 on games get a PC, not a console. Btw your idea of the xbox becoming more powerfull is going against the future of gaming development. Games are becoming more gpu intensive you need more and more powerfull gpu.

--bienio--1267d ago

Wow!! What a lot of crap, Dx12 more powerful on XboxO then Pc haha give me what you smoke:)

Bigpappy1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Not true about DX12 on X1 being more powerful than PC. You have to realize that that PC are already starting off with much more powerful hardware. You also have to understand that newer graphics cards will allow for features not available on X1 even though it was customized for DX12. Keep in mind that NVidia, Intel and others contributed heavily to DX12 as well.

Allsystemgamer1267d ago

Exactly. These mrxmedia worshipers make me giggle so much. I can't wait for them to have blank stares. I have all systems and a pc so which ever system has what I want I can play

MasterCornholio1267d ago

"It's much easier then critical thought."

Here's a question born from critical thought.

Where's the proof that the cloud and Direct X 12 will work the way that you say it does?

I suggest you meditate a bit more about what you said and prove it next time.

Allsystemgamer1267d ago

You really don't understand technology do you...

srd44841267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

As much as i wish this were true, it's just not. It will improve the xb1 but def not close to PC possible 50%. We know xb1 is already using some dx12 features and will soon have "full dx12" as Phil stated and we also know it's not changing the hardware of xb1 so expect improvements but not pc like.

MeliMel1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago ) last bubble. Ok....

NEVER!!!!! DX12 on Xbox One will never be more powerful than PC. Also, due to everyone having different hardware . The performance you get out of it will differ from your friends who might have more powerful rig than you. PC will always have the hardware to take Full Advantage.

See thats what I mean about certain FBys(Im not saying the word from here on out). All I can tell you is that DX12 will make a difference, how much, idk but we dont have to long a wait to find out.

Edit: I like how MS was like we created DX, how you gonna tell US we dont know about Graphics. Awesome....

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jhoward5851267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I starting to think Sony is going to have a tough time getting PS4 cores to behave in the same way MS's x1 cores behave.

The move engine seems to be the key ingredient to getting the x1 cores to process data more efficiently.

On the SoC, there are many parallel engines - some of those are more like CPU cores or DSP cores. How we count to 15: [we have] eight inside the audio block, four move engines, one video encode, one video decode and one video compositor/resizer.

The DMA Move Engines also help the GPU significantly as well. On a very basic level, a GPU can be thought of as a pipeline in which draw calls and compute-shader.

rainslacker1267d ago

Sony going with GDDR5 negates the need for the move engines. Move engines are nothing but a limited function cache with it's own controller, which make up for the bottleneck that doesn't exist with the faster bandwidth of the PS4's system memory.

In some cases, the move engine can speed up certain functions, but nothing as dramatic as an entire graphics API, and for a GPU the data processing inside the cores of the processor are significantly faster than what the move engine can supply. The GPU isn't a pipeline, it's a processor, with it's own pipelines which work extremely fast to do specific kinds of tasks. They are highly efficient at these tasks, but not at much else. Move engines will not help the kind of data that GPU's process except in some very specific cases not typically used on a regular basis.

Anyhow, it wouldn't be hard for Sony to get the PS4 to behave the same way, because the PS4 already operates the way that DX12 is supposed to be getting the X1 to do. They are the same processor, and both have the same functionality. What's different is the clock speeds, versions of GPU's and surrounding co-processors.

jhoward5851266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Having faster bandwidth doesn't always means it process the data more efficiently. It either processes the data in RISC or CISC. Sure, Sony's GDDR5 is very fast like you mention, however my point I was trying to make was more about how MS's uses the move engine to help divide the data between all x1's hardware component.

The more data bus lane x1 has the better the data is sent to the cpu/gpu/ram. From I've read so far as seems as though the x1 has more data bus lanes than the ps4. If true than the PS4 will be limited in some ways compared to x1 hardware.

Another thing, hardware can't run by themselves unless there's a software running in the background to tell what to do. Sony might have the hardware power but if they can't match the ingenuity of MS software engineering than the ps4 will end up wasting the processing power it has.

Bottom line, The move engine is very new tech which hasn't ever been done before(to my knowledge)so we don't know much about how it runs. MS is keeping quiet and its just a matter of time before MS reveal what it really can do.

rainslacker1266d ago

Move engines do not increase the number of data lines between the memory and the processors. The data lines are built into the memory bus itself, and the memory will use any combination of 32 bit lanes that is available to it. That will not change because of new co-processor chips, and neither MS nor Sony reinvented the wheel when designing these systems.

The move engine does not inherently push data to different parts of the processor, that is still controlled by the memory controller, the move engines are a pre-fetch for the memory controller to use to get data before it's needed by the processors themselves. The very reason they exist is to overcome the memory bandwidth of DDR3 memory, which is a problem that Sony's system doesn't have since the bandwidth is already there, and both the CPU and GPU had direct access to the memory.

To put things in perspective, the peak throughput of a move engine is 22-56GB/s depending on what it's moving and to where. The peak throughput of GDDR5 is in the 224GB/s range for all types of data.

In any case, the move engines are able to perform specific types of data transfer and are not general purpose, so they are not applicable to all applications. They have to be directly programmed for to have an advantage over standard processing practices.

No matter how you work it, the throughput of the PS4's bandwidth to the CPU and GPU will always be faster than MS, and more often than not the normal throughput of the memory bus will be higher than X1's peak performance, and peak performance may hit 10% of the time.

MS has done a spectacular job of marketing the move engines and ESRAM benefits to make it seem like it's superior to the PS4's much simpler set up, but when it comes down to it, when it comes to memory bus and data transfer, the PS4 is just faster.

As far as software, yeah, games are software. On consoles, games are written to rely very little on the underlying OS, and use it mostly for boot up or IO access, while the OS surrenders it's processes over to the hyper-visor, making the games run more efficiently. If you think MS, with all their mandated extra software running for snap and the OS will use less resources than Sony's simpler minimalist OS, then I don't know what to say. It just defies all reason...particularly thinking that MS can make an OS that is refined and not bloated.

I don't mind talking about this stuff, but your comments are loaded with MS PR spin, and don't state anything factual. It's assumption based on things that just aren't true, and to date, no real world application has shown anything close to what you're mentioning.

corroios1267d ago

Lol, to compare an average desktop CPU to high end PC CPU is just... whats the word?

Last gen the CPU on both Xbox 360 and PS3 were much more powerfull for that time. When they launch were similar if not better then the ones you found in the PC world.

The same could be told about the GPU. The Xbox 360 had a very good GPU and this gen...

But this generation, lol. I think it will be hard for someone not to have a better CPU or GPU and you dont even need to have a good PC.

Allsystemgamer1267d ago

The 360 WAS extremely powerful when it releases. Then the GT 8800 released and that destroyed all competition for years. May it RIP

corroios1267d ago


Still got a GT8800 operational.

jmc88881267d ago

What's in both consoles is not an average desktop CPU, it's an average mobile CPU.

In 2009 you could get a i7 920 for $229-279, that's average, and it still is faster then what's in the consoles.

QuickdrawMcgraw1267d ago

It is nice that a niche product like the Xbox1 gives their fans something to gloat and to chat about...It is really smart to flood the market with tall tales like each PS4 exclusive game release date draws near this helps to keep the Xbox1 fans occupied...and to keep their spirits up...Kudos to MS for a job well done....