From The Vault | Top Ten Funniest Games Of All Time

Dealspwn writes: Every Sunday, we'll be diving into the Dealspwn archives to bring you an article or review from yesteryear. With Grim Fandango HD finally just a few days away from release, we take a look at our 2010 countdown of the funniest games out there. An article plucked from the archives and dusted off for this comment from ODB:

"Why the **** has Grim Fandago not been released on consoles updated just like Monkey Island?? AWESOME game but never finished it due to my copy crashing so far in every time. Also Lucasarts please bring back the old anti-copy protection dials you used to have for these sort of games!!! They were quality!!!"

Fast forward four years and three months, and the wish is coming true!

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