Eurogamer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview

Eurogamer writes: "I went to see a play recently called "Contains Violence". In the programme, the writer mused over the choice of name, saying in effect that if you're going to call a play "Contains Violence" it had bloody well better do, or else the audience may decide to invent their own. At your expense. So it is with The Force Unleashed. If you're going to make a promise like that, you'd better come up with the goods. Even more recently, we sat down with the functionally identical Xbox 360 and PS3 builds of LucasArts' latest to see how they do.

The Force Unleashed, of course, has a lot to prove and not just because of its ambitious name. It's also the first outing for LucasArts' much-hyped new engine technology. Moreover, it's arguably the first real attempt to reinvigorate the Star Wars brand in videogames after a series of utterly lacklustre games punctuated only by the fantastic (and non-LucasArts) LEGO Star Wars titles."

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Look like the game end up be as promise... but with the staff that was replace on the end of the game cycle it got some doubt on me. Waiting for gamers reviews and also a few site reviews just clear up a little my mind a little.