U.S. sales for various Wii U and 3DS games

"Reliable NPD leaker “creansugar” is back once again with another round of data from the latest NPD report. This time around, we have lifetime U.S. sales figures for various 3DS and Wii U titles, including Bravely Default, Bayonetta 2, and more."

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RmanX10001271d ago

Oof... dos PLvsAA sales... I know its pretty niche but i thought it'd do better than 73k...

Neonridr1271d ago

yeah.. that game does so much better over in Japan than here in NA.

3-4-51271d ago

I hope people understand that some games selling 200,000 is actually a success and they made a profit.

Not every game has to sell a million copies and if you really go back and look even back to the early 90's there were a lot of our favorite games there didn't sell a million copies, yet we still consider some of them classics.

yuukiliu1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I see #operationplatinum was a huge success...Hard to sell hardcore on Nintendo platforms I guess.

RosweeSon1271d ago

Agreed not great but then Bayo 1 hardly sold millions and that was on PS3 and Xbox 360 with install bases how big... Certainly a fraction of the 8-10 million wii u owners out there.

higgins781271d ago

Thank you. Honestly, these self-proclaimed 'hardcore'. Bayonetta 2 could have EASILY been released on either a Sony or Microsoft console IF said 'hardcore' had shown enough interest previous. You could say the same with Okami - as I usually do. For me, EASILY one of the best games of its gen but sold like rubbish. Its fair to say quality isn't always what guarantees sales. Looks to me like mass marketing and chav fodder is the only thing guaranteed.

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Yeah; install base differences mean the attach rate for Bay 2 is actually showing a better presence amongst its target audience than the first game by a country mile.
Over 500K globally for a niche title and it's not even at its first year mark yet.
Nintendo gamers LOVE this game and are STILL giving it sales steadily over time.

insomnium21271d ago


Bayonetta 2? Was it not you who was b**ching about "Unrealistic and degrading depictions of women" in the Phantom Pain news just now?

Why would you want Bayonetta 2 on other consoles? Shouldn't all copies of it be burned at the stake?

superchiller1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

So funny how diehard Nintendo fans whine and complain about the lack of games on the Wii U, but when games are actually released, they simply don't buy them. The Wii U is a Nintendo game machine, nothing more. It's fans really only want Nintendo's first party games, but sadly those are not enough to make the console succeed, thus the anemic sales.

No wonder 3rd party developers abandoned the Wii U, just not worth the effort. Bayonetta 2 is a perfect example of why development of games for Wii U just isn't happening much at all.

randomass1711271d ago

Yeeaaahhh let's crap on Nintendo fans some more because reasons! :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago

#1 You didn't buy it so you've got no right to bash others. Ten bucks says you didn't even purchase the first one at launch, like most Nintendo fans who also owned a PS3 or 360 for multiplats did.

#2 The attach rate for Bay 2 is higher than the first game's attach rate, when comparing install base sizes.
It's selling faster and to a larger number of the owner of the consoles.

So the sad truth is, when considering how many people own each respective console, Wii U gamers are showing more support for Bay 2 than PS360 gamers did for Bay 1 on its release.

If there's anyone not supporting a good core game, it's JERK-A**ES LIKE YOU.XD

N4g_null1271d ago

On top of it all most bayo2 purchases also got part 1 also. So this game actually made a huge profit off of the wiiu port. Baring that ports don't cost as much.

marloc_x1271d ago

"I was very happy and relieved to see the game was being so warmly welcomed all over the world, so I’m very grateful to all of you who picked it up!" - Akiko Kuroda 

This Ninty fan is really enjoying Bayonetta :)

Sevir1271d ago

It's a good thing Platinum inked that deal with MS for Scalebound... Because doubt Bayo2 even broke even for them. And they did extra work to even bring Bayo1 to the Wii U. It's as we said, only the Nintendo IPs ever really sell on the Nintendo platforms. Bayo sold 2.1 million on Xbox 360 and 1.9 million on PS3 and they claimed it sold like craps so they weren't making it. Ninty gave the new game life and it sells significantly worse.

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Except not so.
Differences in install base mean that Bay 2 has a higher attach rate than the original.
And it hasn't even hit its first year of sales.

If you're taking a fair account of install base differences when calculating sales, Bay 2's attach rate is better than the first Bay, in a shorter amount of time.

Edit: Oh, wow, disagrees already.
Why am I not surprised that the details that form the whole picture is painful for people that want to bash?
Bay 2 is selling more copies to Wii U owners than Bay 1 did to PS360 owners, when comparing install base sizes.
How is that hard to understand and accept?

randomass1711270d ago

I guess people are still sore about the exclusivity deal. Link the pages with the numbers and I think it will be easier to get your point across. :U

KonsoruMasuta1271d ago

Platinum had nothing to worry about. The cost of development and advertising were both paid by Nintendo.

Metallox1271d ago

I don't from where are you getting Bayonetta's data, but it's wrong. Even on VGChartz it has barely surpassed the 2 million barrier, and it's still overtracked.

N4g_null1271d ago

You have one problem. Nintendo had the money to burn to bring this game out sega didn't. So platinum was payed well and helped with porting the old game to the wiiu. Also the attach rate is higher meaning more Bayo fans may own nintendo systems. These same gamers bought 1 and 2 in many cases.

Maybe it is wishful thinking that 3rd parties don't sell on the nintendo platforms. The 3ds along display proves that very notion. Maybe developers and publishers need an excuse to concentrate on easier to please gamers. Maybe fans of the other platforms that own one system want everyone to believe that no 3rd parties sell on nintendo platforms. It just makes things cheaper for cash depleted.

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higgins781271d ago


Yes, that was me - nice/creepy to know I have a follower...BUT. Was it also not me who said I disagree with censorship in all its forms>

Besides, my comments about unrealistic and degrading depictions of women was in no way aimed at JUST Phantom Pain but rather the entire industry. I think for me what really sealed the deal was Jade Raymond troll fest. A semi-attractive woman working in the industry at the forefront, so what happens, thousands upon thousands of offensive and misogynist messages aimed her way. Honestly, no wonder this industry is primed to stay in the basement of angry adolescents. Look at the Wii U/Wii for example. Even when a company dare to take their games/hardware any place else its hit with insult and bile.

superchiller1271d ago

The Wii U/Wii are "hit with insult and bile" because they are junk products, lacking in even the most common features and far behind the other consoles of their generations. Both consoles were ruined by silly gimmicks that Nintendo forced into the systems to reel in sales and make up for the incredibly poor hardware designs. The Wii as a console died years before the PS3 and 360 (which are both still being supported even now), when the cheap waggle fad fizzled out. The Wii U is a cheap eco-box with poor specs and missing features, all becuase of the expensive (and useless) gamepad gimmick.

It's people like you that are supporting and enabling Nintendo's poor gimmicks and bad hardware. Instead of always making excuses for everything they do, no matter how bad it is, you should be demanding better products, and less gimmicks. But people like you just run damage control and make excuses for everything instead. Very sad!

jayzablade1271d ago

And it's people like you why we have stale and mundane franchises as all you do is demand more guns, more browns and more greys!!
Not all Nintendo games require a 'waggle fad' and a majority can be played with a classic/pro controller.
As for Nintendo lacking features...i want a games machine, i get one, i want a bluray player, i have one, i want a laptop, i have one!
What features do the others have Nintendo don't?
Hacked online services?
Broken games requiring 20gb patches and then some just to play all features?
A service where i can pay X amount of $/£ to play last gen games when i can play them on my GAMES MACHINE?
A machine where the games are still being released on last gen consoles only 5/10/15 $/£ more expensive?!
Copied features from others such as Move (Wii v2.0) Kinect (Eye Toy 2.0) Project Morpheus (Oculus Rift 2.0)

Please enlighten me more as to why Nintendo are so much worse than the other 2....i'm just dying to know!!

jholden32491271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

That's a really ignorant statement man.

Great games are not junk product. Period, end of discussion. And any system that has a wealth of great games (and last I checked, Wii U has more ultra-high rated games than any other next gen system) is not junk product.

It's ignorant to judge every console by the same cookie cutter standards. Wii u is not Playstation, nor is it Xbox. Power may be a "thing" for 3rd party consoles, where 99% of 3rd party games follow the same redundant, realistic formula, but on Nintendo consoles that power would

A) increase dev costs for minimal aesthetic return on 1st party games, which are, in case you forgot, the only games people actually buy on the system
B) increase development time, so people can bitch even more about how long it takes for the next game to come out
C) increase system cost, so even less people would buy it

And actual gamers who play the system love the gamepad. I love the gamepad. Five coworkers I've told about the Wii U ended up buying one and love the gamepad. The only people who don't are ignorant spouts like you who've never even experienced the benefits of having two screens.

And I own all 3 consoles, for the record, and my PS4/X1 are missing just as many "features" as visa versa.
1) Online social integration (Miiverse)
2) Backwards compatibility
3) Multiple controller options
4) System level off-TV play
5) Cross-generation transfer
6) Video chat
7) Virtual Console service (or equivalent)
8) Free online
9) Dashboard folder options
10) Last-gen games available digitally (withOUT using laggy streaming).
11) SD card support

Ya, some very BASIC features you're not getting with other consoles. It works both ways. But, this was just an example and doesn't really mean squat, because at the end of the day, if you need ANY reason other than great games to buy a console, it's probably because it's lacking in that department.

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