Why We Need Super Mario Sunshine 2 More Than Any Other Mario Sequel

Gizorama: It was a scary time following the release of Super Mario 64. There was inevitably the time to do a follow-up, but how could it not be a disappointment? Finding a sequel to Super Mario 64 ended up being a near impossible task, with everyone frothing for this title and Nintendo quaking at the eventual task of it. While a number of ideas and prototypes were played around with, ranging from Super Mario 64 2 to Super Mario 128, the sequel to the unofficially-lauded “best game of all time” would end up sending Mario to a tropical island, setting him with the task of cleaning up all of the island’s paint and pollution with a mechanized hose system. Oh yeah, and an evil Shadow Mario keeps running amok, spreading this muck, and tarnishing our hero’s name.

It’s definitely not the most conventional Mario story, and certainly not the most logical choice for the sequel. Already the game faced an uphill battle, as it would no doubt be a let down in comparison to its predecessor, but Super Mario Sunshine smartly chose to distance itself from what came before it, focusing on new control mechanics and other things to get excited about, like new enemies. While many people agreed that it certainly was different and most definitely was not Super Mario 64, these people still thought that it was an exceptional game. That being said, others still didn’t warm up to the title, with it often being seen as the neglected stepchild in Mario’s next-gen library. However, with Nintendo having a more sequel- and remake-happy mentality than ever, now is the time for them to strike and finally deliver the Super Mario Sunshine sequel that we deserve.

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Geobros1339d ago

I didnt like Mario Sunshine, no need a sequel for me.

PoSTedUP1339d ago

i disagree. you did like mario sunshine and we do need a sequel.

it's my favorite Mario (and yours) and it would get me to buy a WiiU.

hkgamer1339d ago

lol. best comment i have heard in a while

Army_of_Darkness1339d ago

I bought that game cause it was in the bargain bin and still regret it till this day....

PoSTedUP1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

yeah, i too feel guilty not paying full price for amazing games. dont beat urself up, bro. get Sunshine2 brand new and support the dev that way.

Army_of_Darkness1339d ago

... Sure buddy... But no. I regret not getting a large pizza with that $20 instead.

PoSTedUP1339d ago

you didnt eat so you could buy a video game? that's something i would do, you're stupid like me. good work.

Army_of_Darkness1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Then I regret being stupid like you.

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pcz1339d ago

sunshine was infuriating to play at times. the camera wasnt very good and the controls were fiddly. but the graphics were sublime

Concertoine1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Its weird how unpolished the game is for a nintendo game. Still a good game.

But one thing i love is how unorthodox it is. Theres not a goomba or koopa in sight.

Magicite1338d ago

Me neither and who are WE?

Nathan1701339d ago

For me the next Mario should have the gameplay perfection from 3d world,the variety of Galaxy and the exploration from Sunshine and 64.
That's what I call the mario game of dreams!

GokuSolosAll1339d ago

Well, not more than ANY Mario sequel. First and foremost we need a true Super Mario RPG 2. After that, personally, I'd want a real Paper Mario like the first two, and a good Mario & Luigi like Super Star Saga (the sequels just don't compare).

But yeah, Sunshine needs a remaster and sequel badly, too. If generic Galaxy ccan get a sequel then I don't see why Sunshine cannot.

Hoffmann1339d ago

Like the commenter above me mentioned...a real Super Mario RPG sequel would be damn great.

Metallox1338d ago

I'd rather have a Thousand Year Door sequel.

mokkeyrg21339d ago

the music was so good in this game and why not make a part 2 id say go for it!

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