Grim Fandango Remastered Trophy List

Time to earn some trophies for the 1998 classic!


The Xbox One tag is a mistake, I can't edit it after it was approved.

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Hellsvacancy1334d ago

To think I was a teenager when I first played this (never finished it) now i'm a parent of two, it will be fun playing GF with my daughter

q8kik1334d ago

U play GF with ur daughter ???


Sketchy_Galore1334d ago

Phrasing! Jesus that is a rough way to be misinterpreted.

Still, Hellsvacancy, even if you had ten minutes you haven't already played you're in for a good time and I'm jealous.

1333d ago
SaveFerris1334d ago

I've never played this but I knew of this game when it first came out. I'm definitely interested in giving it a go.

jcole971334d ago

I thought this was exclusive for pc and ps4?

MasterCornholio1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

There's no Wii U version, Xbox One version or last gen versions of this game.

Why did you say that? Its quite obvious that its only available on two platforms.

P.S Also I doubt that the Xbox One will get this game due to the parity clause unless Phil gives them permission. I can see this game come to the Wii U quite easily so I believe there will be a Wii U version of this game.

SaveFerris1334d ago

I'm sure Phil will make an exception in this case and waive the clause.

elsuperamigo1334d ago

Keep on dreaming and begging xbones this game is exclusive for ps 4,but but but xbox owners dont like indies!!!

MasterCornholio1333d ago


I think he should save himself the trouble of doing that by dropping the clause. I predict he's going to waive a ton of games just to get them on the XB1.

Makasu1334d ago

The Xbox One tag is a mistake, I can't edit it after it was approved.

MasterCornholio1334d ago

OK now I see why he made that mistake.

Well please be a little more careful in the future with this. I've seen countless fights break over the mislabeling of a games platforms.

Hellsvacancy1334d ago

I should of checked before I approved it, I assumed it was on the XB1

MasterCornholio1334d ago

I'm so gonna plat this game.


I can't wait till it comes out.

WitWolfy1333d ago

Seems easy enough. Most of the tophies are basically Just convesation diven.