Dying Light’s Multiplayer Seems To Be A Better Version Of Evolve

One Angry Gamer "After playing the beta for Evolve I came away highly disappointed. The gameplay was quite mundane and the overall setup of the characters, equipment, stats and customization extremely static. Well, Evolve may have its shortcomings in being a little too stringent for its own good, but Dying Light has taken on the very same asymmetric multiplayer mode with flying colors."

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RaidensRising1273d ago

I just couldn't get into Evolved for some reason. Dying Light seems more interesting but is a different game.

Walker1273d ago

I want to be a ZOMIBE :P

BigShotSmoov0071273d ago

I have the game, in no way is the multiplayer better than Evolve.

T2X1273d ago

I kind of figured that may be true. Evolve isn't that bad though. They both look pretty cool though.

Daver1273d ago

Dying light multiplayer is already available for player to play at this time even if the game is not out officially?

BigShotSmoov0071273d ago

No you need the game to play the multiplayer, it's only one game more and it's kinda fun but the draw of the game is the single player and the co-op. The multiplayer can fun in spurts but no where as deep or has the legs of Evolve will.

BC_Master_Haze1273d ago

I'm holding off on both, because of their
ridiculous pre-order bonuses. Evolve has shallow content at best without DLC. There's also no way I'm paying early for the be the zombie mode, something that should be free. I like the looks of dying light but they can f*** right off if they pull that s***.

BellePelouse1273d ago


They will give the pvp mode to everyone, they changed their minds

acekaze1273d ago

I enjoy the idea of coop, my pc is well within the "medium" speccs for this game, is above the minimun requirements and under the recomended, so i have no idea what kind of experience this game would offer on my pc, an i5 with 3.1ghz with 3.5ghz on turbo, 8 gbs ram and a gtx 660 2gbs,

Unfortunatly for me this looks like a game better played with friends , wich in this case would be my own family, and their pcs are only verging the minimum requirements or even lower, so... unless this game shows to have a good optimization for weaker pcs, i wont unfortunatly waste a dime here, i may indeed get evolve since i alredy tryed it and worked perfectly on my pc.

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The story is too old to be commented.