The Most Over-Hyped Games of 2015

Every Game developer try to make a successful game for gaming lovers, but some developer’s couldn’t devolves such a successful game like others so they promote their game like it will such a big successful game but there’s nothing. Here we have a list of 6 Most Over-Hyped Games of 2015. Check out the list below.

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Hamzaali1271d ago

OMG ..! why order: 1886 goanna flop? Don't ya see its trailer or game poster? it gonna make big record

joab7771271d ago

This site remains absurd. How is anything over-hyped yet? The Order has taken a beating simply b/c it looks good and everyone thinks it's impossible that the game could be any good. Bloodborne is being made by From Software. How could it possibly be over-hyped?

Rainbow 6? We havnt even heard much about it yet. The same goes for Quantum Break. Yeah, it's a MS exclusive, so it has some pressure, but wtf!

This site is more like, pick x amount of game titles out of a hat and slap some catchy title, b/c they rarely make any sense at all.

Eonjay1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Look, if you can make it past the broken English story description on this page, you deserve whatever you get. This is just terrible. We need to enforce quality when submitting and approving articles.

How many errors can you spot in the first sentence? The spelling errors alone should have prevented it's approval.

SolidStoner1271d ago

dont waste your time, just wait and see for yourself, how come some random amateur site know the future of games and whats over hyped and whats not.. BS

BabuBila1271d ago

The Hype of BloodBorne are really on peak but i think this is not as over hyped game as you think. this is going to be one of biggest hit of 2015

Stupid1271d ago

Heard already that The New Order 1886 will be a flop but Bloodborne.... never!

Hamzaali1271d ago

No No No Mr stupid , you are really stupid ... The Order will make a big sucess

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The story is too old to be commented.