Bungie doesn’t plan on continuing loot system “mistakes” with future Destiny expansions

GCO: "Bungie promises to take a different approach with Destiny’s loot system in upcoming expansions."

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Yi-Long1273d ago

Oh, I'm sure they'll create completely original mistakes for their next games... ;)

RaidensRising1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Well said. Bubs. Aside from theft I still think PSO's loot system is good for this type of game. Diablo 3's was too much for me. I believe rare should mean rare and not something people can buy or everyone has.

I hope they include a trading system in the next game as this adds to the community until it gets hacked.

Lord_Sloth1273d ago

I would agree normally but PSO never ever EVER EVER EVER EVER dropped the Red Sword for me. I searched for months and murdered countless Govulmers but nothing!


I'm gonna go cry now...

Darkwatchman1273d ago

God forbid Diablo 3 gave you a constant sense of progression, consistently getting better gear. No, let's just make you play 10 hours for a 1% chance to drop a legendary item you want while you're stuck with the same boring stuff for those 10 hours. There's something wrong with you. There certainly are plenty of rings and gear in diablo 3 that are difficult to obtain. Not all Legendary's are created equal, you know. Just like not all normal gear is created equal. Stop you're complaining about a game that gives you stuff at a consistent rate, encouraging you to keep playing because the next better piece of gear is just within reach. It's a very smart system that works, but apparently you don't want loot. Apparently you want it to drop randomly and possibly have to play for months just for 1 thing you want. Whatever floats your boat, weirdo.

Ethereal1272d ago

^Having started up D3 again for the new expansion this is so true. The game continues to supply you with gear in a meaningful way as to feel like you are making progress. A buddy of mine is taking a break from Destiny after a 6 hour binge to try get one coin for Xur. As he put it, the anti player road blocks and progression based on pure luck of drops is off putting. They can fix it but it needs to come quickly.

Transporter471273d ago

They broke it when they added the new expansion resetting of the exotics instead of adding a dmg to it.

joab7771273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Exactly. Why not just continue to upgrade it. I understand currency change so ppl don't hoard mats for expansions, but...they went all out crazy.

Though tbh, I think there should have been fewer exotics, with elemental changes from the beginning. And NEW ones as you go.

Cid331273d ago

they should have never upgraded old exotics, this is why people will keep using the same weapons, no matter how many updates are released. Add new stuff don't upgrade old stuff, let the old weapons be 331 make the new 362 and there will be an reason to get the new gear other than trowing it in your full vault to collect dust

bananaboats1273d ago

I completely agree with this. I wasn't happy when I saw old weapons able to be upgraded to 331, it was like bungie got lazy and didn't want to make new weapons. I will though have a very hard time letting go of my Ghallerhorn if they decide to go that route.

ChozenWoan1273d ago

I would have to disagree. I wish there was a way to upgrade legendary weapons similar to how exotics can be upgraded. I've got my load out just how I like it, with the next expansion I will likely have to start all over collecting good weapons.

I personally would rather grind so that I can upgrade weapons with perks I like. I'm not a fan of grinding just to get the same guns but with new paint jobs and missing my favorite perks.

The best game I've played when it comes to player customization is Warframe. All your gear, weapons, and pets can be customized to fit your play style. Would be playing that instead if it was on last gen consoles.

emad-E-three1273d ago

But don't you think it will break the game's balance even more?! I mean think about it with the Iron Banner and people who don't have the expansion! Isn't that now pay to win? I agree with the how stupid the upgrading system for the Exotics but not upgrading them at all I disagree.

Cid331272d ago

its allready broken in ironbanner you realise people cant get to level 32 and future levels without the dlc, and get the new raid weapons. and do weekly and daily missions for chance at exotics, this can be solved my matchmaking dlc ppl wit dlc ppl only to balance that

CorndogBurglar1273d ago

I dont havr a problem with this because they did exactly what you're talking about with Legendary items.

I have a lot of exotics that i never want to give up. Your argument is kind of moot when you consider that everything you said has been done, just with legendaries, which you see a lot more of considering you can only carry one exotoc at a time.

Cid331272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

why buy new expansions if ur still going too use the same things would you not enjoy it more to find a new and better loadout? this would give you somthing new to strive for, i also like my setup but i want to improve it. Destiny is going to last for 10 years seeing people still use 1000 damage gjallahorn ice breaker and fatebringer would just be sad imo

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OmegaShen1273d ago

The loot system works for me, its fun pissing people off when they see all the exotics I get.

Redempteur1273d ago

What mistakes ? the entire LOOT system is flawed

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