For Gamers Only 3: Xbox and Windows 10 change the game

Gamers, there's a lot to talk about this week, in part because it’s NPD week! Join Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and host Glenn Gordon for a good ol’ chat about the latest news in the world of video games.

An arrest was made in connection with Lizard Squad, and groups like them could forever change the Internet as we know it. Xbox is gaining significant attention with certain announcements Microsoft made at its Windows 10 press conference that could change gaming forever. This is in addition to the continuation of Xbox One’s holiday price drop. Sony is still offering compensation to those who were affected by the 2011 cyber attack on its networks as a result of a recent settlement from a class action lawsuit. Sony is also closing all of its Sony stores in Canada. It’s not alone in that move; Target is also shuttering its operations in Canada. NPD results for December are in, and there’s a lot to discuss! There are rankings not only for sales in December, but for all of 2014, as well as sparks of hope for Wii U and continued strength for Xbox One. In addition, there are great sales this weekend, a Guild Wars 2 expansion, the sad state of Xbox One in Japan, the success of Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, a machine that turns poop into potable water, and much more.

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