PS3 Poll Police: did you have firmware 2.40 troubles?

PS3Fanboy writes: The Poll Police want to check on something this week since all squad members at HQ (being we, the bloggers) did not have any issues with the 2.40 firmware update. Was the faulty firmware widespread, or limited to enough people that it was a minor issue, but the internet was set on fire anyway because it's fun to rain on somebody's parade? That's probably a loaded question, so let's reword that in the form of a poll. Any troubles with firmware 2.40?

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SpecialSauce3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

is there anyway i can dwn load it now? my friend has it and it runs smooth so i don't see why they took it off.

360degrees3690d ago

I had absolutely no problems with this whole Flawed 2.40 Fiasco, possibly on part to mine being the 20GB model, Its never really given me any issues thankfully

Hydrolex3690d ago

If you had problems = Disagree me

If you had no problems = Agree me

so we can see how many people had problems

PoSTedUP3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

lol good idea, but what about the hating 360 fanboys? aren't they gunna click the dissagree button? good effort though. ill give you a bubble ; )

i had no problems but like one of my friends is having bad problems, like hes getting disconnected form chats and games but thats only one friend.

Gazman3690d ago

No probs here I got it as soon as it popped up for download

Hydrolex3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

MS wants to find issues on the PS3 and make them famous like 3 Red ring of death.

So I think Microsoft found those problems in 2.40.

when 10 MS employees come in our forums and post something bad about 2.40, it makes other people to think that 2.40 is bad so they start to find the problems. This is called Sh*tvertising

Hydrolex3690d ago

for example I myself I didn't know what's 3 RED Ring Of Death and I have never had an 360.

LOLLLLLLLL but after I saw people making fun of 360 because of 3RROD, I started to do the same thing.

aahahahahah I'm a fanboy

Omegasyde3690d ago

The only problem that bugs me is that they should really simplify the in game XMB in comparison to the out of game XMB.

It makes no sense to have a duplicate bar with 95% of time you have to exit the game and use it.

hopefully in future updates they make a more user friendly XMB bar with the bare minimum. No sense of displaying features that you can't use in game.

PoSTedUP3690d ago

its all good though. the ps3 dosnt really have huge problems. a few delays here and there, one messed up fw update, its only been out for like a year and six months and even less in EU. im willing to give it some time, but 360 fanboys are talking sh*t now b/c they wont have anything to say in the near future when sony starts dropping bombs. sorry. peace and god bless.

Sayai jin3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

PoSTedUP- Let's see, no one should be talking sh!t about the firmware problem, but aren't you doing the same to 360 fanboys? Anyways, I remember everyone saying how the 360 was dead after MGS4 was released and how the PS3 was dead after Halo 3 was released, but just look the PS3 and 360 are a live and kicking. They all have "bombs" to drop even the Wii, LOL. Man just enjoy playing your console and do not worry about the fanboys. Fanboys will be fanboys you can count on that.

Shaka2K6- Yeah and Sony just pulled the firmware update off there servers for no reason at all. I am glad they find the problem and are currently working on it.

On topic, No I have not had any problems with the upgrade.

Game on...

guitarfanboy3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

besides freezing issues with heavy web browsing. I have company over a lot and we usually just drink and watch videos late into the night. My PS3 froze 3 times in one night browsing youtube and other sites. I have a 60gb launch. The in-game xmb worked amazing during gameplay, and when you bring it up in MGS4 on parts you wouldn't normally be able to pause, like on the turret on drebins ride between locations, it pauses gameplay and doesn't mess up your game. The in-game xmb is a bit laggy, and, I'm paranoid, but the fan kicks on a lot more while playing games. I've unlocked all the trophies on SSHD besides 3, and one of them is because SSHD : Split Screen Co-op add-on was taken down, for some unclear reason, which has me even more paranoid. Everyone that has the 2.40 update installed, give your PS3 a break until we hear a clear response from SONY about what the real issues are. Just my 2 cents.

nizza3690d ago

None whatsoever. 60gb Uk launch PS3, not a sniff of trouble.

nix3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

i don't know... but my ps3 has stopped recognising the blu-ray drive.

i already have 2.4 and it was working fine (played MGS4 for 10 hours). then i popped in GTA4 and it asked me to 'update'. i installed that and suddenly, it said "unrecognised format" on the blu-ray drive. then i restarted and it didn't show anything at all.

i've already reformated (the longer one) but still no sign.

i have a 60gb european version ps3.

and please don't click on disagree because i'm the one who's got a problem and i'm telling the truth and there were couple of people with who disagreed when i pointed it first.

beavis4play3690d ago

haven't you called sony customer support yet? and when you say you restart and get "nothing"; you mean system doesn't come on? as i said last support. and give their response in a post sometime. i'm curious as to what happened.

nix3690d ago

yeah.. i remember you too.. q:

nope.. i haven't called them up yet.

when i say restart.. i meant it doesn't show the "drive icon". it's not there. and when i put in a dvd/blu-ray... it just continues to load (remember the loading icon on top right corner) but nothing happens.

right now i am just waiting for new update to come so that i can install it. 1.41. if it still doesn't work then i might have to start calling.

tonight i might clean the drive too.. using a cd cleaner. let's see.

thanks by the way. q:

PoSTedUP3690d ago

well people are talking sh*t about the fw update. im just saying whats real dog. im not really talkin sh*t im talking sense and history repeats itself so sony gunna drop a bomb just like they did in the past and its gunna be a wrap, i do enjoy my console, but i also enjoy doing this ; ) peace and god bless.

jamenees3689d ago

the exact same thing happened to me about a month ago just before the mgs4 launch. This had nothing to do with fw but once my ps3 stopped reading blu rays it essentially was useless. sony had me a new one in 8 days, you should just get it over with...but good luck and sorry to hear about your trouble.

Lifendz3689d ago

What's your PSN? I'd love to catch you in a match of COD4 cage match.

nix3689d ago

oh... thanks dude.

looks like i'll have to part with it for few days... sigh!

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Wildarmsjecht3690d ago

No troubles. My brother didnt get a chance to do an update via the site, but found one on file share. He put it in just the other day on his ps3, and it works fine. Don;t know what the issue is, or just how many people are affected, but I doubt it's as serious as some people want it to be.

TheHater3690d ago

I was one of the unlucky few that had problems with the firmware. I just got a new 250GB hard drive, and everything was fix. I didn't however lost all my save data, and all the sh!t I downlaoded

Zhuk3690d ago

Only if they bought an Xbox 360 they wouldnt be having this problem

360degrees3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I suppose going with the Xbox360 console would solve the current Firmware update Woes (although my PS3 updated to the 2.40 just fine)

QueefyB3690d ago

hey zhuk why are you poking fun at the xbox 360 so the console can destroy superman with its heat so what lets be mature and be happy that the xbox 360 has not yet claimed a life but has claimed a few houses

Omegasyde3690d ago


firmware problems are nothing in comparison with over a couple billion dollars with HARDWARE problems.

Seriosly, xbox fanboys can't state Sh!t.

And ironically the "Wii-tards" are on the sidelines laughing at sony and xbox fanboys. Funny how DRE problems are out of the spot light on nintendo's corner.

Gazman3690d ago

I bought a xbox 360 and ps3, and have had more probs with the xbox

gunnerheadboy3690d ago

zhuk= idiot
360= fail

PS3ALLDAY1223690d ago


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