Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Why Quiet Is Wearing So Little?

We have to say she's a deeply impressive ally. Her stealth, speed and sniping abilities make her a powerful asset and thankfully it appears you can call her in whenever you need her.

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higgins781299d ago

Because women are still treat appalling in the industry? Unrealistic and degrading depictions of women.

xer01299d ago

I just realised that the feminist movement will be bombing Kojima offices, unless they make Quiet wear some clothes... Just like muslim terrorist that shot Charlie in France!

Seriously... Freedom of speech and Freedom of creativity should not be censored. However, it's slowly happening :(

I for one, admire the Japanese for not giving into feminist, as much as the West has - with titles like Tomb raider (lara croft breast reduction).

Yeah... I'm a red blooded male. And I have no issues with women getting into games, so long as they don't change my experiences to suite there's.

If they made a barbie game about feminist dudes, I wouldn't buy it. Why do they want to change games like GTA for including hookers and prostitutes?

An awesome game like GTA, bending to their will, will not be GTA. People will move on in droves.

higgins781299d ago

Incredible! Nobody - especially not me - is asking for censorship. I'm completely against censorship. All I am pointing out is, look at the industry, be it videogame characters or real women working as staff. The way they get treat and depicted is insulting. You can tell playing videogames today that 'men' are still at the core.

Conzul1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


"You can tell playing videogames today that 'men' are still at the core"

So f*cking what?

PoSTedUP1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


"unrealistic and degrading"

women dont dress skimpy and sexy in real life???
if thats degrading to you then women degrade themselves. so it IS realistic, in your own logic. but it isnt degrading, its taking notice; its glorifying, lust and worship. women crave attention and dress provocative all around the world, and men love it. that is just how life is.

Bansai1299d ago

I think she's still wearing too much :D

scofios1298d ago Show
FRAKISTAN1298d ago Show
Bimkoblerutso1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

The ONLY reason I am tired of seeing women like this in games is because it usually makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the context of the given game.

Women are not being "degraded" in any way. If anything, men are being degraded because developers feel like they NEED to randomly throw sexy women in to sell their game to men. In fact, Kojima admitted early on that the only reason Quiet is wearing so little is to attract the "edgier" crowd.

I don't respect that notion at all either, but it has NOTHING to do with degrading women. This is a friggin VIDEO GAME CHARACTER we're talking about, for god's sake.

xer01298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

@scofios @FRAKISTAN

It looks like my comments offended some muslims.
But the facts are, it was radical muslims that killed a man, because he dared to illustrate his freedom of speech.

But this is another discussion, separate from this forum!

Regardless of your faith... I've made a valid point. The real world doesn't censor what it says, neither are the general population politically correct.

It's only the crazy people out their that want to force their way of thinking upon others!

SilentNegotiator1298d ago

"You can tell playing videogames today that 'men' are still at the core"

And? Are there not industries and forms of entertainment that women are at the "core" of?

hay1298d ago

Quiet is wearing so little because "x" in "sex" is made of two "l".

mixelon1298d ago

Lol what. bombing kojima offices.

You don't do your points any favours with nonsense like that. XD

XBLSkull1298d ago

It's their video game and they can do whatever they want. If you want to make a video game and depict a female in another light go ahead and do so. Go cry somewhere else. Don't like it don't buy it.

360ICE1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

To be fair, the original comment had nothing to do with censorship. You can criticize expressions without criticizing freedom of speech.

Are women being treated unfairly in video games? Some part of me doesn't really care (probably...), but I guess it'd be nice for there to be more than three decent female protagonists.

ChickeyCantor1298d ago

"Why bring muslims into this story you racist . "

Islam is not a race.

lipton1011298d ago

She's pretty underdressed for the occasion. Hot character model? Definitely. But shes definitely objectified. That should have been an alt costume, not the primary. It's going to take away from the story

frostypants1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

@xer0: "Seriously... Freedom of speech and Freedom of creativity should not be censored. However, it's slowly happening :( "

Government censorship is a bad thing. However, people choosing not to make games with bouncing boobs everywhere is not censorship.

This particular Metal Gear character is kind of pathetic. Yes, Kojima has the right to be pathetic...but people also have the right to mock him for it. Don't throw a nancy fit over it.

ChrisW1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Regardless of freedom of speech and making characters wear whatever the devs wish them to wear...

Quiet's attire is ridiculously impractical. It's like those old-school RPGs where the skimpier, the higher armor rating. The only people who are outright happy with such things are the young at heart... and mind.

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001299d ago

I don't see how she's being depicted in a degrading manner.

higgins781299d ago

That you don't is an issue in itself.

SilentNegotiator1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

"Free the nipple!", she shouted before turning to yell at a video game developer for designing a woman showing off too much skin.

Third Wave Feminisim is just one giant paradox.

frostypants1298d ago

So if Snake was portrayed running around in a banana hammock,you wouldn't think it was a little odd. Interesting.

001298d ago

@frostypants not really, in fact I'd find it pretty funny actually.

SilentNegotiator1297d ago


Because he doesn't run around in super tight pants with the camera staring down his rear when you crawl, right?


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fallacious1299d ago

Oh yea like every guy can be a super assassin or some incredible genius who is also extremely strong. Jesus man for all the stuff you SJWs talk about feminism and equality, you people never consider the other side of the coin. It's just goddamn embarrassing. Typical pathetic white knight keyboard warriors. Go get a life and actually do something in the real world instead of typing stuff on a keyboard if you feel so strongly about it.

Kornholic1299d ago

The logic behind the actions of these white knights is that if they keep doing this long enough, they'll eventually get laid by these feminists. This, however, is only a pipe dream.

SolidStoner1298d ago

I love GIRLS, :D if you dont like it, get the fu*k out of my house! :D

its so natural... you should be afraid if you are men after 16 and don't like attractive women!

turab1299d ago Show
Kornholic1299d ago

Why is it that the heterosexual men's sexuality has become a target for people, especially Feminists and Social Justice Warriors, to condemn, judge and make us feel bad for actually liking attractive women?

It was not that long ago that gays were persecuted for their sexuality. Now you can't do that anymore, which is good, but what makes it okay to persecute heterosexual males for their sexuality?

AKS1298d ago

It's a manipulation tactic that works against most men. Disagree with feminists and other SJWs, and they will aggressively imply that you are a bigot and cast aspersions on your character. They don't really have a problem with your sexuality or masculinity. Rather, they hit men with those sort of false allegations because it is so effective in silencing criticism from males. How often do you see genuine critical discussion of feminism? It's almost always immediately shut down with false accusations of misogyny and claims that you are an abusive tyrant oppressing them, ending the conversation before it begins.

Now it is ineffective against me because I immediately recognize the deceptive shaming tactics instead of questioning myself and backing down, which is what most men currently do. And what I admitted used to do before I figured out their tactics.

frostypants1298d ago

I'm a heterosexual male who likes attractive women, and I have no effing clue what you're talking about regarding "persecution". You're not being persecuted. If you think you are, it's time to grow up a bit, maybe take a step away from video games for a bit and get out into the real world.

Sketchy_Galore1299d ago

I didn't realise Metal gear solid was supposed to be a realistic portrayal of military life. I had always assumed it was meant as a sort of comic booky pastiche featuring characters who's grizzled masculinity or sexy femininity are sort of heightened to make them more dynamic and memorable.

That is pretty dumb though now I think about it. I mean look at Snake. Running around with no shirt on aiming his gun with his eyepatched eye, that's not an unrealistically macho stereotype, that's just business as usual in the military.

PoSTedUP1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

the eyepatch is a camera device. unless i missed the part where he got his eye poked out.

edit: yeah i dont remember that lol. i beat it a long time ago and i didnt finish the HD collection for Vita.

Sketchy_Galore1298d ago


No biggie, we all make mistakes but I must strongly insist that you go play the HD collection again until you can recite every line of dialogue from MGS3. Go now, do not speak to friends or family members, do not stop to eat or drink, just do it.

Panzerkanzler1299d ago

Scantily clad women are no more insulting than perfect, muscular and gung-ho depictions of males. But I'm fine with both stereotypes in games since games don't represent reality. And where is your source that females get treated appalingly in THE INDUSTRY? As far as I'm aware females who work with computer games are treated as well as anyone else. Gosh...I really dislike PC-warriors.

OB1Biker1299d ago

Its a video game for God sake.. you could complain about many things degrading men , women, animals etc etc

The 'industry' as you put it is still way behind compared to many other media

UKmilitia1298d ago

totally agree,there is no need for the clothes she is wearing(or not as in this case),

im a 33 year old man and i would prefer games to be less sexual because i find it sad if im honest.
but also i would like a option to censor swear words too because im fed up of F this and F that constantly.

how can one admire japanese for not giving in to feminists? when u look at most of the stuff over there i would class them as perverts.

It isnt needed as strongly as it is imo and thats my opinion which i suppose we all allowed.

but she wouldnt go to war dressed like that in real army would she lol,if she does sign me up.

zidane13411298d ago

Your fucking lame. I bet your a blast at parties.

TrollsBringer1298d ago

I find her top design lazy TBH. Just a bra?

alabtrosMyster1298d ago

Yes, have them wear the burka because all men are crazy rapists with zero self control? Right?

SnotyTheRocket1298d ago

Nobody was angry that Kratos was shirtless for every God of War, but when a woman looks like that, all hell breaks loose.

Hold_It1298d ago

Double standards are double. See, if women, I mean feminazis or SJWs like it's fine. If regular people don't, it's not an issue. I love how their goal is supposed equality, and really its that they want special treatment and superiority.

Anyone can go out there and give me a video as proof saying that's not what feminism is, but that's exactly what this gamergate crap is portraying it as. Like if these people have nothing better to do than sit on n4g and twitter and other Social media websites and scream hatred towards normal people, then maybe they should quit being basement dwellers and actually do something productive with themselves and society.

ChristopherJack1298d ago

& all men are muscleheads...

Gwiz1298d ago

How can you degrade a being when certain features have been naturally applied?.I seriously want to convey on that matter.So i'm being degraded for not fitting certain requirements to be met?I'm not heavily muscled so i'm being degraded by default.You know how many qualifications that are out there that tell me i'm not worthy? lol..
I like big boobs that doesn't mean those big boobs are going to like me XD.

pompous1298d ago

But you have no problem with the way men are portrayed in games?

thehobbyist1298d ago

"You can tell playing videogames today that 'men' are still at the core."

Some markets just end up being favorable, or even targeted for one gender. Videogames, automobiles, firearms. These are all markets targeted towards men.

Just like how makeup, fashion and reality TV is targeted towards women. Some markets just work a certain way. Get over it.

poor_cus_of_games1298d ago

@scofia. Muslim is not a race. So he / she can't be racist.

eclectified1298d ago

Oh noes! A scantily clad female soldier! So unrealistic and degrading! At least Snake is a realistic representation of every man. A cigarette smoking, digital eye patch wearing, gnarly voiced, nano-machine injected bad ass.

Someone please tell me where these feminist people were when we played as Raiden covering his junk and running around completely nude in a freaking secret military base.

Ship? Factory? I don't remember the details.

I also don't remember anyone calling it degrading or unrealistic.

As far as Quiet goes, I see a female character who is both beautiful and strong. As it relates to fashion, Quiet may march to the beat of her own drum, but she seems completely comfortable with who she is.

If that's degrading, well, there's something you should know...

There's nothing wrong with the industry or society in general.

It's just you.

elsuperamigo1298d ago

Cuz is a Japanese game and Japs like to make games whit alot of naked girls,school girls or anything related to girls using tiny clothing,not that i complain i think the ones that are gonna complain are the ones that dont like girls, meaning the fags

FullmetalRoyale1298d ago

Unrealistic? Sure. Degrading? I do not agree.

ThunderPulse1298d ago

Go back to your ugly fat family.

Xman2K1298d ago

Be careful freedom of speech doesn't work both ways to the hypocrites, as they banned me from n4G for telling them how I felt about the cartoon bullies. Glass houses.
As for Quiet, hypocrisy again, as write ups and articles for this, but where is it for naked Jlo booty videos and sports illustrated swimsuit issues? As a matter fact how about all the pointless nudity in movies and tv. How about all the tv shows that always emphasize the female body being only beautiful in a bikini? Although Sniper Wolfs outfit would have deemed better, looks like he wanted to differentiate between them.

styferion1298d ago

if you're talking about unrealistic, almost every male video game MCs are unrealistically perfect.. thats how we totally view ourselves though.

Also, it's funny how people feel entitled to involve themselves in someone else's game. Just like movies, books, or musics, making game is freedom, the creator is free to make it however they want to. Other people don't have the right to butt in, no matter what their agenda is.

Just make your own game, make it critically acclaimed, and change the industry view on your agenda..
Hard? of course, but that's the right way to do it, the TRUE way to change people's minds, not whining how the industry broken or crap like that.

Dan_scruggs1298d ago

First off Higgins you are essentially right. Second this thread is an awesome train wreck and I love it.

assdan1298d ago

A leading theory is the quiet is chico. I'm really hoping that it's accurate.

Rachel_Alucard1298d ago

How come its fine to portray men in unrealistic depections on book novels in a female dominated medium but lo and behold the same thing happens to video games and its suddenly the worst thing ever and you have to go around spewing opinions as facts around?

Oh wait i know why because real men aren't such overly sensitive babies about this stuff. Your agenda is the same thing as a religion, in that you can't force me to believe something when there's 2 dozen other opinions on it.

Jimbil111298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I think she just looks good. Why can't women be simultaneously sexy and respected for the wonderful things they are?

ChickeyCantor1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

" All I am pointing out is, look at the industry, be it videogame characters or real women working as staff."

Oh please.

Men in games are:
-Cannon fodder.

With this modern feminist logic you could very well say it sends out a wrong message to lil boys growing up.

Same goes for female characters. Kojima simply understands their market better. This is not the "industry" degrading women. Otherwise you could say the same about men. But you aint bitching about that now, are you?

LightDiego1298d ago

Oh please, just stop, next you will praise people like Anita.

lipton1011298d ago

Bubbles for you. 100% true. The costume just made my eyes roll. The devs probably have to take masturbation breaks every day. It's going to take away from any seriousness her character represents. It should have been an alt costume. It's just outrageous, she could have looked just as hot wearing a costume that's as battlefield practical as it is sexy.

Svinya1298d ago

Because a majority of gamers are STILL pathetic horndogs and/or young kids?

Tapani1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )


I completely agree with you! Don't mind people in here who don't understand a thing about what you are saying. I'm an adult, both in age and experience, and I suspect you are as well.

I think the real reason behind the portrayal of Quiet is Japanese cultural perversion towards Western women. After all, Kojima-san is an Otaku.

These is my personal opinion which is constructed by being a Japanologist by education (associate degree in psychology), living in Japan for five years and talking and meeting Otakus, and playing a wide variety of Japanese games not even released in the West.

So I think I have a pretty good idea how to make an educated guess about what Japanese men like Kojima-san think of Western women. The more I study and learn about Japan, the less I think it is a heaven or every single thing that comes out of that interesting and profound country is perfectly good or special.

That being said, I am thinking of moving back there, despite the Otaku-culture having twisted ideas about women, both Japanese and Western. Plenty of Japanese men respect women there as well, let's not forget that.

ChickeyCantor1297d ago

Holy crap, don't forget to tip your fedora. Good god you're obnoxious.

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MEsoJD1299d ago

click bait... nothing to see here. :3

Agent_00_Revan1298d ago

Writes article called 'Why is Quiet wearing so little?' Have to read until page 4 where they basically say 'We don't know why Quiet is wearing so little.'

Gotta love these writers sometimes.

AKS1298d ago

And most of the content of the text was unrelated to the title of the article.