FIX UP: How Did Brianna Wu’s Subpar Revolution 60 Win Action Game of the Year?

Revolution 60 was recently named the Action Game of the Year at iMore despite there being other much more successful and higher scoring games in that category. A little investigating reveals the developer of Revolution 60 has deep personal ties to the judges giving this award.

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TheJacksonRGN1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Wow, Not surprised though.

St0rmbr1nger11111301d ago

It doesn't surprise me either. Brianna Wu strikes me as an opportunist. She sees a movement starting and wants a piece of the action, so she riles up a bunch of gg'ers to get some backlash. The backlash comes, and all of a sudden she's a victim/spokesperson for feminist gamers.

viperman2401301d ago

This persons art style has never improved.

Look at LWu previous work when she/he used to just draw.

zeal0us1301d ago

Seems like she stuck on that hourglass figure.

-Foxtrot1301d ago

She wants better representation of women in video games yet she draws shit like that

That's what she'd be calling male devs for

St0rmbr1nger11111300d ago

I know what you mean. If that isn't the most stereotypical image of a sexualized/objectified female, than I don't know what is. Like what is the deal with the sexy nurse outfit.

GokuSolosAll1301d ago

Women corrupting everything just like the garden. They never learn.

-Foxtrot1301d ago

If it didn't she'd call them she does with anyone who gives her criticisim.

Woman is a whack job

doritos1301d ago

N4g resident SJW must be sleeping in this morning. But hey, corruption doesn't exist unless SJWs see it

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