Halo 5 Guardians: How 343 Is Creating A Wolf In Master Chief’s Clothing

Despite its undoubted brilliance, Halo 4 was a relatively safe move by 343 Industries. Being its first full blown thrust at the franchise without the presence of original series creators Bungie, the Chief’s sojourn through Requiem and the multiplayer offering that surrounded it was grounded in what had gone before.

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joab7771298d ago

This is a no win situation. It really is. Halo, like CoD, is past it's glory days. Halo, for instance ushered in multilayer at a grand scale. It needs to be fresh, but maintain its roots. No matter what they do, they will alienate someone. And each iteration, the fps market is more and more saturated, and we tire of it more and more. And with every year passing, they get further and further from the time when everything was fresh and innovative. We may see changes etc. But nothing is fresh. Die hard fans will play it, most will play cuz it's halo and has insane nostalgia.

It's why Valve hasn't made another Half Life. How could they possibly live up to the hype. We need new ideas, new IP's, new genres. Mobas are a great example.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halo and prefer it to CoD, but either I'm getting old, or I just don't have the love anymore for many of these games. Or, they have been beaten to absolute death.

sAVAge_bEaST1298d ago

Add battlefield to that list.. All down hill. All.

VforVideogames1297d ago

Add GT , Forza and Mario plus 343i destroyed halo by showin us MC face.

Dhampir1297d ago


Ever since 2001 in Halo:Fall of Reach, we've known what master chief looks like. His eyes are still all we've 'seen', even in Escalation we only see an eye.

Halo 4's multiplayer may have sucked from being CODified, but the single-player story was done well. The last mission is one of the best in the franchise.

HaveAsandwich1298d ago

Agreed. I am haloed out, and have been for years. Forget about cod. I haven't played since the original.

SmielmaN1297d ago

I used to play COD like crazy. After MW2 it just kind of got worse for me. I played a bit of MP for one of the last ones because a couple buddies wanted me team up. But ya I'm done with COD and I appreciate the amount of fun I've had in he past with Halo, but I'm done with it as well. I'm almost done with the new resident evils too. I couldn't stand raccoon city and RE6. Hated them.

HammadTheBeast1297d ago

I think they really just need to go back to Halo 2 roots. Take out perks, random stuff, and just go back to the simpler arena shooter, but put in more in terms of variability. More maps, more unique guns, unique vehicles, modes etc.

Like dynamic maps, completely unique modes etc. They have a lot of weight on their shoulders, but it wouldn't be hard to just go back to the roots and flesh them out.

KingWookiee1297d ago

I like what they have done with Halo 5. They took notes from Halo 4 and really made a good multiplayer IMO. They brought back arena based with same start, no killstreaks, no loadouts, no perks, and descope. They balanced out sprint and made it so if you use it, you can't regen health. Everything they added has a negative side to it and makes you think about your next move.

A7XEric1297d ago

Did you play the beta, because that's basically what they did. There are no more perks/powerups/AAs, no more killstreaks, no loadouts, etc. and weapons are found on the map again. Everyone is once again on the same playing field and starts with the same stuff

Bobby Kotex1297d ago

Halo 5 and the next CoD are guaranteed to sell millions. Stop talking out your ass.

modelgod1297d ago

I totally agree and I really don't know why you have so many disagree. I am a fan of halo and xbox is my system of choice but I feel halo is getting out dated. As a young gamer I could never imagine spending most of my available gaming time playing FPS/or shooters in general. The genre is saturated and it's going to take something totally new to get me excited all over again. I want to see something along the lines of metroid on the game cube turned into multilayer, that would be cool.

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urwifeminder1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Like the beta been playing since first Halo old chief is an out-dated model set to go up against the new breed of Spartan, find a dead one and take his kit sweet. Write in the story how he has to adapt to the new kit even have to get an engineer to weld new plate on his armour. For the crying traditional players add a original game mode online wow even an old vs new mode.

ScorpiusX1298d ago

As long that the wolf is the only player in said book

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