Factory Defect Bowser Amiibo Serves Up His Own Head In Hand

What's better than a Bowser amiibo, you ask? How about a factory defect Bowser amiibo that holds his own detached head in his hand for you?

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Magnus971d ago

I wonder what the ebay price would be for a factory screw up?

Bobby Kotex971d ago

Considering grown adults buy these toys, I would say a lot.

Concertoine971d ago

Can someone explain how these defects occur?

Metallox971d ago

It's funny how the head it's casually on the hand, so my guess it's that they had to make this in purpose in the factory. Who knows why, but maybe it was because someone was simply a bit bored.

randomass171971d ago

Could be a machine that was slightly nicked during production and it was too late to correct the error?

wonderfulmonkeyman971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

To be, or not to be...a kidnapping-obsessed demon turtle.XD

Blank971d ago

Thank you for the laugh wonderfulmonkeyman.

EliteGameKnight971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

At times I wonder if some of these factory defects are purposeful. I mean, I'm sure the first few weren't but seeing how much of a sought after product these unique models are, and how extreme some of the more recent defects are, Nintendo just makes them to maintain hype. most likely not, but there it is ;)

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hkgamer971d ago

defects happen a lot in the manufacturing stages.

its also bad for nintendo if they have lots of defect products. its really not worth it

urwifeminder971d ago

This is not new playstaion statues did this years ago pfft they invented everything.

wonderfulmonkeyman971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Nintendo was churning out toys of their mascots before Sony even THOUGHT of making figures of anything of theirs.XD

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