Cloudgine Developer Talks Crackdown on Xbox One, “Can’t wait to get out of the dark”

OnlySP: A user on NeoGAF that goes by the name of kampfheld, happens to be a verified developer on the Cloudgine engine, which is the tech that will be powering the cloud based features of the upcoming Crackdown reboot for Xbox One. Today, he revealed a couple pieces of new information regarding Crackdown for Xbox One.

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christocolus1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

i just saw this on the xbox one subreddit and going by his comments it seems MS/Cloudgine have pretty big plans for the title.if it actually looks and plays like anything close to the reveal trailer then its going to be amazing.really stoked for this. i love the franchise and still play crackdown 1 quite often. cant wait to see what they've been doing with this.

Neoninja1095d ago

Agree. Crackdown was one of the most fun games I played on the 360. Its sequel could have been better. I really can't wait to see some gameplay and what cloud technology does to help improve on the game.

christocolus1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Some of the reasons why the sequel turned out bad was because of the short dev cycle(just 14 months or so). MS also put a new dev team incharge of the sequel with a smaller dev budget too but with this new one MS has gone back to using Jason Jones and his team( Jason lead the team which created Crackdown1) and the budget behind this seems a lot bigger too.

camel_toad1095d ago

Agree with Christoculos about the reasoning for the suckage of crackdown 2. I had tons of fun with the first crackdown but crackdown 2 was a huge letdown as soon as I realized it was the same locales. Way too rushed but I have hopes for the next one.

Neoninja1095d ago

Oh I know why Crackdown 2 wasn't as good. I don't think it was bad, but it just didn't live up to the first. I am happy that Jason Jones is back in command though and as long as nothing is rushed it should be a fun game.

christocolus1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

i think this game will be something out of this world. the guy seems really anxious to show it off too and he also says there will be single player..great

"On another note, the latest installment is known to be heavily supported with the cloud(TM). Yayaya … That stupid cloud talk again ;) I know you can not hear it anymore. What I want to say though is: your local gaming mashine does not have enough calculation power to run our game engine. I think we always communicated it that way and there is no reason not to be honest here. If you want to deliver something that has never been done before in that kind of scale, then you can not make compromises. We totally know that there are huge risks involved. But this is the route we will take. We are super confident here and can’t wait to get out of the dark.

Personally, I can totally understand that there are huge doubts. I’m not an idiot. Too many games did things wrong or communicated something wrong. People want to see what cloud computing can be used to in gaming. So give a chance at least on showing this. I think that would be fair.

It’s up to us to deliver on your bolded sentence. Again – personally – I want to see you playing this game really thinking “holy SHIT why doesn’t my mashine burn already?”. We want to achieve this. And we’re working super hard to get to that point."


Volkama1095d ago

I don't get why he says there will be single player. Was that ever in doubt? The question people are asking is whether single player requires a connection.

Personally I hope so. I want the game to be so amazing that my "mashine" can't run it...

PockyKing1095d ago

I have my reservations about the cloud, but I seriously hope it works like the developers say it does. If Crackdown has a fully destructible open world, that'd honestly be incredible. Would love to see that happen, and what it would for future games on both Microsoft and Sony machines as I'm sure there'd be some great competition to be had there.

Kavorklestein1095d ago

I agree with you up until the part where you said Sony.
Sony couldn't afford anything anywhere NEAR what Ms has with their servers.
So, the part where you said "great competition" is just not possible.

IF sony could, then yeah, sure. But financially speaking- No way, José.

mkis0071095d ago

Competition finds a way. Ms doesn't have a monopoly on servers.

SlapHappyJesus1095d ago


Money dictates everything. You can't just magic away the costs of doing such things.

At the end of the day, MS is in a better financial situation than Sony. Much better. They can afford to put their money into such things.

n4rc1095d ago

No.. But with 11 million+ they might as well..

Sony doesn't have the cash or the credit to build anything close.. It just won't happen, at least any time this decade.

Azure is built for big business. It absolutely destroys anything in the gaming industry. It will be incredibly cool to see them flex that muscle for gaming

Granted.. The requirements will make it out of reach for some consumers.. But it could be a great showcase piece

Kal0psia1095d ago

Nor investor confidence, where are they at market value today, around 3.5billion!! Nintendo has a larger market value.

But yes, they just can't compete at the level Microsoft is at with it's R&D. They'll probably attempt it in some game, but doubt we'll see anything worth gawking over. ;D

I think that'll be the theme of this whole gen with Microsoft taking a huge lead in further developing cloud computing where Sony can't keep up. They'll have to stick to making amazing single players.

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WeAreLegion1095d ago

I just want it to be as awesome as the first Crackdown. I can't wait to see what they've done with it.

Kavorklestein1095d ago

I'm betting GDC or E3 we will see more. This guy sounds like he's super confident that there will be jaws dropping when Crackdown is shown.
Sounds great to me!

Eonjay1095d ago

I would love to hear more about how the tech works. I am also interested in things like local requirements. The thing I don't quite understand is which device is doing what. I assume that graphics will still be handled by the machine, but arithmetic will behandled by the cloud. This could free up resources on the machine itself.

Graphics are a completely different story. Nvidia showed off remote graphics processing that enabled true to life visuals, but the caveats were obvious. I am really interested in seeing how this plays out.

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